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Bulls- The Last Dance

OdellBeckhamSrOdellBeckhamSr Posts: 3,379
Who is pumped to see this 10- episode series? Should be pretty epic.


  • wickerkat1212wickerkat1212 Posts: 2,316
    I am for sure.
    QB—Allen, Big Ben, Fitz, Tyrod
    RB—EE, Henry, Cohen, Mostert, Evans (R), Coleman, JSamuels, Pollard
    WR—MThomas, Diggs, Chark, Harry, Lamb (R), Hardman, Butler, Lazard
    TE—Doyle, Jonnu, Thomas

    QB—Watson, Stafford, Fitz
    RB—Conner, David & Duke Johnson, Cohen, Howard, Breida, Burkhead, JSamuels, Edmonds
    WR—Hill, Allen, Golladay, Jeudy (R), Jeffery, Jefferson (R), Amendola, Miller, Butler, Watson
    TE—Olsen, Thomas, Kmet, Trautman
    PK—Gostkowski, Prater
    DEF—Bears, Jags
  • CoolHandCoolHand Posts: 8,298
    ABSOLUTELY!! I just set my DVR to record it too!!
  • farfromhomefarfromhome Posts: 1,972
    I'm a Jordan era guy....I'm pumped...been watching bulls YouTube crap to prepare...Jordan was different beast...he would score 40 a game in todays nba...Jerry krause's ego prevented two more rings....
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