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League winner?

I won our league title somehow this year but looking at moves for 2020. Who should stay who should go? Dynasty PPR QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE
I have no rookie picks.

Mahomes, Daniel Jones, Rivers, Brissett
Mixon, Aaron Jones, Henderson, Ito Smith
Davante, Golladay, Sutton, Kirk, AB, Anthony Miller, Tyrell, Beasley, Preston Williams
Goedert, Jonnu, Howard, Oliver


  • wickerkat1212wickerkat1212 Posts: 2,390
    That's tough.
    I don't like your QB depth, but you have to keep one of those 2-4. Maybe just lose Brissett.
    Not sure you need Ito.
    AB I guess you hold, flier, I'm a coin flip on Tyrell through Preston.
    TE I have similar issues, Oliver you could probably drop. I'm holding Jonnu.

    QB—Lamar, Allen, Big Ben, Tyrod
    RB—EE, Henry, Cohen, Mostert, Evans (R), Coleman, Pollard
    WR—MThomas, Diggs, Lamb (R), Lazard, Hardman, Renfrow, Beasley, Claypool
    TE—Doyle, Jonnu, Thomas

    QB—Watson, Stafford, Tyrod
    RB—Conner, David & Duke Johnson, Cohen, Howard, Breida, DWilliams, Edmonds
    WR—Hill, Allen, Golladay, Jeudy (R), Jeffery, Jefferson (R), Amendola, Miller, Watson, Dorsett
    TE—IThomas, LThomas, DArnold, Kmet, Trautman
  • Whos_Ur_DoggieWhos_Ur_Doggie Posts: 5,306
    I would try to trade some of your depth if you can first. Otherwise, I would easily drop Brissett, Ito Smith and Oliver. Based on your WR's and depth, Beasley probably doesn't see your lineup in 2020. That said, I wouldn't just outright drop him either unless you are adding a younger player with future potential.
    SleeperU Forum Moderator
  • Towman27Towman27 Posts: 299
    I get to keep the whole roster. Lost the title game in 2018 but won it this year. I'm trying to see if I should deal guys like Davante and Aaron Jones while the value is high or if you guys think this team, without any draft picks, has enough to be a top 4 team in a 12 team league.
  • Whos_Ur_DoggieWhos_Ur_Doggie Posts: 5,306
    edited January 7
    Well, if you won the ship this year I think you are most likely a contender for 2020 with or without rookie draft picks. That said, I would always make moves that you think improve your team for 2020. Based on your current squad, I would try and deal some of your depth at WR for upgrades at any position besides QB where you should be good to go for 2020.
    SleeperU Forum Moderator
  • footballchixfootballchix Posts: 935
    I would dump Rivers, Brissett, Ito Smith,

  • WTCMWTCM Posts: 12,473
    Hold onto AB until he lands with someone. Then sell for picks. Or pick
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