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Adam Thielen in 2020

gdoggdog Posts: 17
With injuries and attempting to come back to soon the season was all but lost. Do you think he can be counted on as a #2 wr?


  • WTCMWTCM Posts: 12,473
    I sense the Eric Decker path coming for Adam. He'll be a WR2 at best next year depending on the matchups. WR3 most weeks.
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  • I think a full offseason to recover puts him at low end WR1/top end WR2. I would have no problem depending on him as my 2nd WR.

  • TheDudeTheDude Posts: 2,365
    I tried to sell Thielen all season. Not one taker. No one wanted him. Maybe I was asking too much but I really just wanted a young player who hadn't busted out yet. Didn't seem to much to ask for a guy who was top 10 last year. I will keep him but he's probably my WR 3 or 4. Tyreek, Golladay, Gallup, McLaurin, Deebo. And I have AJG too.

  • wh0urdadywh0urdady Posts: 3,549
    Just have that feeling he drops off the radar soon
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  • WTCMWTCM Posts: 12,473
    Stefon Diggs ...

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  • HellAtlanticHellAtlantic Posts: 1,481
    Vikings established in 2019 they are a running team now.
  • gdoggdog Posts: 17
    Thielen looked pretty good today when healthy.
  • swampiesswampies Posts: 4,353
    I still like him and think the injuries bug was like you said @gdog coming back to soon and Cousin having a playoff win under his belt now he’s just going to get better with Cousin throwing with more confidence
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