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What are my chances in this matchup

My opponent used 3 Players I used 2. The Bears really failed me and I sat Beasely. Josh Allen scored well though 3pts over projection. My opulent used Elliot only 14pts and Gallup 6pts but Lutz made up for both with 17. ESPN has my Winning by 2pts. I am still debating Tevin Coleman or Hunt at Flex

Aaron Rodgers @ NYG
Ezekiel Elliott (14pts)
Jonathan Williams vs Ten
Tyreek vs Oak
Gallup (played 6pts)
Hunter Henry @ Den
Sammy Watkins vs Oak
Brown's @ Pit
Lutz (played 17pts)

Total 37Pts 6 Players left

My Team
Josh Allen (played 24pts)
Mccafrey vs Was
Mixon vs NYJ
Landry @ Pit
Parker vs Philly
Kelce vs Oak
T. Coleman or Hunt (Flex)
Bears (Played 4Pts)

Total 28Pts 7 Players left


  • I think you’ll win this matchup. McCaffery and Kelce will both feast this weekend.....I’ll give you a 75% chance of winning.
  • Gonna be close- but I’d say about 65% chance you’ll win. Good Luck!
  • PDTDTPDTDT Posts: 691
    ARod will be his smug self and only toss 1TD ...maybe and Tyreek as the only hi score threat I see
    You have the CMC league winner and Kelce, with Landry on the up as well as Mixon helping out the returning Ginger so I like your odds for the win
    Cousins, Dalton
    DJohnson, DCook, JHoward
    AJGreen, DHop, SDiggs
  • KookaburraKookaburra Posts: 1,648
    With CMC and Kelce, you are always the favorite.
  • OCV18OCV18 Posts: 432
    Thanks for the Input and Confidence crossing my Fingers
  • Just took a look at both of your teams, it appears you won by over 20 points... congrats @OCV18 Parker was huge for you!!
  • OCV18OCV18 Posts: 432
    Thank you Sir yes Parker matched Aaron Rodgers and Allen scored 24. Zane Gonzales and the Bears killed me and I sat Beaseley but it worked out for me
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