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Remainder of Season thoughts

Well weeks 13 - 17 (yup some sadistic commish's have the fantasy Superbowl on the last week of the season grrrrrrrrrrrrr) are upon us.
I took a look at the "through week 12" points against on and then went digging through one of my PPR leagues on MFL and came up with a quasi comprehensive list of favorable matchups that may or may not be helpful.
PSA - if this info helps you FANTASTIC...............if you use it and lose then it's just rambling thoughts of a fantasy guy ..................So, off we go.

In a nut shell my wonderful Bucs have the kindest defense for WR's available to man at the moment.
Week 13 look at Chark, Westbrook and Conely to all be strong plays.
Week 14 Hilton and Pascal get some love this week
Week 15 look for Golladay, Jones, Hall all to be good plays from WR1 to flex
Week 16 Nuke and Fuller may get all the points available this week, play them both
Week 17 and the toilet bowl game JJ and Ridley will end the year with a bang

Other favorable WR match ups go to:

Week 13: Rams, Philly, Green Bay, Washington, KC, Cinn, Arizona, Atlanta, Tenn, Seattle, SF
Week 14: NYJ, Philly, Atlanta, Tenn, Miami, Cinn, Seattle, SF, Tampa Bay, Oakland, Detroit, Buffalo
Week 15: NYG, Clev, Miami, Seattle, Jags, Baltimore, Arizona, Dallas, Ind, Saints, Houston, LAC, NYJ,
Week 16: Cinn, Seattle, Wash, Ind, LAC, Baltimore, SF, Tenn, Carolina, Saints, Green Bay, Clev,
Week 17: NE, Ram, Philly, Saints, Denver, Buffalo, Cinn, Arizona, Carolina, Jags, Houston

I didn't even bother putting teams like Chicago and Pittsburgh on here simply because they suck in either the play calling or execution of the passing game and could screw up a good match up just like that.(envision me snapping my fingers here)

Tough match ups go to:

Week 13: NYJ, Carolina, Oakland, NE, Denver, Clev, Detroit, Houston
Week 14: Clev, Green Bay, LAC, NE, Denver, Jags, Arizona, Dallas, KC
Week 15: NE, Philly, Oakland, Denver, Tenn, Minn, Buffalo, Green Bay, Cinn
Week 16: Miami, NYG, Atlanta, Chicago, Oakland, NYJ, KC, Buffalo
Week 17: Clev, Dallas, Ind, LAC, Tenn, KC, Minn, Miami

As far as TE's go the most favorable team to play is the Arizona Cardinals. However, they play the Rams twice the Steelers, Browns and Seahawks. None of these teams have weekly starter caliber TE's so stream em' if ya got em.

For the most part if you own a top 5-8 TE then just start him without getting to cute.
Teams that have been TE friendly defenses include: Tampa Bay, Oakland, Seattle, KC, Clev, Green Bay and Dallas

On the ground lets look at RB's.
This is tougher but I'm going to take the easy way out - START YOUR STUDS - and those guys in PPR are:

C. McCaffrey, D. Cook, A. Kamara, L. Bell, S. Barkley, L. Fournette, E. Elliott, M. Gordon, T. Gurley, A. Jones, M. Ingram, D. Henry, J. Jacobs, N. Chubb, C. Carson and some combo of SF and NE backfields (there is some analytic mumbo jumbo to figure out which one but I have no idea what it is) you've been riding them so far so don't stop now.

Sneaky Plays:
Week 13: M. Sanders, Monty (coach could squash this one beware), D. Guice, P. Lindsey
Week 14: M. Sanders, P. Lindsey, D. Guice,
Week 15: R. Jones, P. Lindsey, Monty
Week 16: D. Guice, P. Lindsey, M. Mack, Monty, R. Jones,
Week 17: M. Sanders, P. Lindsey

huh looks like Lindsey should be a weekly starter

And now the QB's

Weekly starters regardless of match up as of right now today 11/26/19:
L. Jackson - I know he has a tough looking schedule on paper but the Ravens are balling and they are playing to his strengths. Take a breath put him in the lineup and cross your fingers.
P. Mahomes - same as above he's too explosive to sit regardless of their opponent.
D. Watson - playing NE and Tenn twice but he's too good to sit.
R. Wilson and the Crab King himself J. Winston are here as well.


Week 13: Goff (he looks horrible but if he's going to do anything this would be the only week), A. Rod, K. Cousins, T. Brady, Matty Ice,
Week 14: C. Wentz, A. Dalton (yeah I said it), B. Allen, Jimmy G., D. Carr
Week 15: D. Jones, B. Mayfield, Fitztragic, K. Murray, R. Tannehill,
Week 16: K. Murray, R. Tannehill, D. Brees
Week 17: crap shoot check to see who's starting

well hope this is useful
pretty sure I've missed some stuff but hey what the heck, gave it a shot
"The only place success comes before work is the dictionary" ~Vince Lombardi
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  • Nice write up 👍
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  • Nice Rabid!!
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    Nice piece!
  • KookaburraKookaburra Posts: 1,654
  • CoolHandCoolHand Posts: 8,274
    Just traded LBell & Conner for Fournette.... 🤔
  • Thanks RBF!
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    Good stuff RBF....
  • Thanks good stuff
  • Great job a d thanks for sharing @rabidbucfan

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    Wow Lar, very nice read
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  • Well done! Thanks for doing this.
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  • tjephxtjephx Posts: 94
    Agreed!!. Awesome right up and a lot to absorb here.

    I was actually looking for other threads and one thing that helped at least for this week was plugging in Fuller as a flex because it's a tough matchup again NE. Still uncertain, but someone has to break free to catch an 80 yard touch, lol.

    I don't have really any other option at WR at this point as I secured another bench spot with Juju as somebody dropped him. Just think it might pay off come playoff time depending on how 3rd string QB in Pitt does now that he will have a full week taking 1st team snaps. If he does well, then I likely will hold on to Juju for when he is healthy. Whats your take on that one?

  • rabidbucfanrabidbucfan Posts: 4,753
    I wish you well with JuJu. The unknown of the QB and the fact that JuJu has been pedestrian at best to date makes him a down trend. However, the Steelers play Arizona week 14 and even though I didn't put Pitt on the nice list if they are going to have any luck it would be then.

    Fuller as a flex isn't horrible. Crossing my fingers that he gets the 80 yarder for ya.
    "The only place success comes before work is the dictionary" ~Vince Lombardi
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