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Would you trade away Watson Or L Jackson



  • Xtreme said:

    I got some terrible offers and will keep both. L Jackson for tj hockensen and baker mayfield and no 😆.

    That offer would have looked really good...before the season started.
    That owner living in the preseason. Baker mayfield would have been dropped weeks ago. He is Not worth keeping in a keeper league. Lions don’t use TJ .

  • I agree with everyone. You sold Lamar for less than you should have been able to. I also agree that it's a good move for you. Who knows how any of those players shape up next year, but it's always good to have a stable of rbs and if that comes at the cost of the best backup qb in the league, so be it.

    Ideally I would have had a choice of better rb or higher draft pick, but sometimes the market is what it is.

    Team A trades Julio Jones, Team B trades Courtland Sutton and TY Hilton. By all measures this is a horrible trade for Team A *on paper* but again if no one is buying you’re forced to make the trade that’s in front of you otherwise if you keep that stud at a higher price you won’t be able to field a decent team.
    I like team B. One borderline number 1. One injured WR1.

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