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I have the BEST 2020 Mock Draft right here for ya! Get some!

Week 6 Streaming QB choose 1

Teddy Bridgewater @ Jax

Kirk Cousins vs Philly


  • Cousins
    Winning Fantasy Football Championships is easier without pants on.
  • XtremeXtreme Posts: 4,880
    Cousins vs a bad pass defense
  • OCV18OCV18 Posts: 432
    Yes Sir
  • farfromhomefarfromhome Posts: 1,693
    If I had to choose.... Hmmmmmm.... Ill go against the grain and say teddy....dude is playing Jalen I believe
  • JakeJake Posts: 64
    I'd love to know what you got on waivers, but this might be the one week I say Cousins
  • Going to say Cousins, also would like to know what other options you might have in your FA pool
    The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday
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