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Trade offer and counter:

I have sent out a trade feeler and got a reply....12 team 1/2 point ppr redraft. My team is Mahomes, Tyler Lockett, Nelson Agholor, Robert Woods, Christian Kirk, MVS, Tyreek Hill, D. Waller, Evan Engram, David Johnson, Royce Freeman, Rashaad Penny, Justin Jackson.
The trade offer is I give Waller & get Chris Carson. I am either going to except the offer or counter with I give Evan Engram & Justin Jackson & I get David Montgomery & Jared Cook. I am not sure if he will except my counter offer, but I think it is a better trade.
My dilemma is this, I am worried about Carson being in a platoon backfield, even though I have Rashaad Penny, it is still a platoon. The other dilemma is my thinking is Engram & Waller are about even in value. So if that is correct, getting Jared Cook for the bye week & trading Engram & Justin Jackson would be less risk than doing the original offer of Waller for C. Carson.
So, what are your opinions of the trade offer or the counter offer?
(1.) Darren Waller For Chris Carson or (2.) Evan Engram & Justice Jackson for David Montgomery & Jared Cook.
My thinking is either way the trade is better for my team.



  • CoolHandCoolHand Posts: 8,298
    Those are some tough ones... I think I’d rather do your counter than his but in redraft I think it’s tougher to trade and handcuffs matter alittle more imo (more than in dynasty). So you could go either way with that.
  • Keep Waller over Carson.

    Make that trade for Monty, if you can.

  • boyzballboyzball Posts: 1,226
    Owner is spooked, i'd deal engram for Carson and he get to plow Az this wk.
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  • Keep Waller over Carson.

    Make that trade for Monty, if you can.

    Agree. Carson fumbling issues might start to cost him. Monty will see more work as season progresses. He is clear #1 RB for Bears.
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