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Who are the Top Win-A-League RBs for 2020?

Anybody Starting Winston This Week in Superflex?

my only other option is mishew and i don't know what to expect from him.

can winston do anything at the panthers on a short week?


  • ScorpScorp Posts: 390
    Winston throws a lot of interceptions, wouldn't expect the TB offense to stay on the field much this week. I don't know who Mishew is, but I'd love to be starting any of the Panther CB's. I guess the good news is Mike Evans didn't do very good last week, so Winston should be good for a couple of hail mary TD's.
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  • DAXDAX Posts: 1,839
    i don't even know how to spell his name. it's minshew, the jags qb replacing foles.
  • ScorpScorp Posts: 390
    edited September 2019
    Jags went QB shopping, my take is that they don't think he (Mish) is ready yet. Since Luck's retirement, I've needed a bye week replacement QB, and since there are none on the wire, I'll pick up Dobbs just in case. Either way, I may be looking at a Zero for my bye week.
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  • boyzballboyzball Posts: 1,224
    I'm starting Gardner Mishew.
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