Features Coming 1/1/2017

smitty fantasy football advice

Folks, I’m very excited to announce TWO huge features launching here at SleeperU.com on 1/1/2017. Take a look at the teaser images below.

These two features, the Draft Board and our super-powerful Match-Up Calculator, will actually help you in countless ways.

fantasy football match up calculator

Match-Up Calculator

As for the Match-Up Calculator, let’s just say that the tool not only lets you analyze your weekly opponents, it has a ‘season’ mode that allows you to evaluate Your Team with Other Teams based on the season (so in ‘full-season’ analysis mode). It’s pretty awesome, folks!

fantasy football draft board

Draft Board

First off, the Draft Board has a Redline feature similar to our Rankings, which means you can mark players as drafted as you draft. On top of that, you can reorder the Draft Board to your liking and draft off it. There is nothing better than seeing what players are still available to draft in this kind of draft board style format. It allows sleepers to jump out at you.

These two products will of course be included in the 2017 All-Access Membership.. If you buy your 2017 Subscription on 1/1/17, you will instantly have access to both new features.