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2-Hour Fantasy Football Show


Checkout this 2-Hour Fantasy Football Show where Smitty and HuseyinTheBrain (from Fantasy Couch) talk fantasy football sleepers, breakouts, bold predictions, busts and more.

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Top 25 Fantasy Players: Russ Bliss Interview


Smitty and Russ Bliss Talk the Top 25 Players in 2019 fantasy football, as Smitty interviews Russ Bliss on Smitty’s new The Fantasy Football Show. This interview took place during Smitty’s crazy 24 Hour-Straight Live Stream.

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Todd Gurley Talk… Again!?!


Let’s talk about Todd Gurley, yet again! Is he a bust in 2019? Are we over-reacting to his potential knee issues and recent usage in the Super Bowl? Smitty talks about this and more on The Fantasy Football Show.

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Video: LeVeon Bell 2019 value?

Where should you rank LeVeon Bell heading into 2019 fantasy football leagues and drafts? Is he a top 5-10RB? Higher? Lower? Smitty goes over this topic and more in this segment of The Fantasy Football Show.

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Dalvin Cook & David Johnson?

Are both David Johnson and Dalvin Cook undervalued heading into 2019 fantasy football? Smitty talks about this, where to value them, and why to believe in them!

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