2019 Rookie RBs (Update)

With the injury to Bryce Love and with Josh Jacobs officially declaring for the NFL Draft, it’s time to re-rank the 2019 fantasy football rookie RB class.

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Devin Singletary the #1 Rookie RB?


Smitty explains why Devin Singletary is the top rookie running back in this 2019 NFL Draft Class. The Fantasy Football Show with Smitty walks you through his stats, skill set, and even shows video footage of the rookie.

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2019 Rookie RBs

Is Rookie running back prospect Bryce Love the best fantasy football rookie running back to enter the 2019 NFL Draft?

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Radio: Week 7 Fantasy Football

Radio: Week 7 fantasy football radio show. Smitty and Russ Bliss on the air every Tuesday on arguably the world’s longest-running fantasy football radio show – 22 years running!

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