Why it’s smart to buy Zeke Elliott…

Hey, all. I did this quick Live Stream on YouTube and wanted to share it with you all. It’s on why Zeke Elliott is a buy-low player worth taking a risk on right now. Whether it’s through buying-low via trade, or drafting-low in a draft, get him. Here is why:  

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Win-A-League Ranks Are Up!

Checkout Smitty’s “Win-A-League” Rankings now! These are Smitty’s MVP rankings… essentially, the players that can “Win You Your League” given their ADP (cost) and upside.

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Deep Sleepers for 2019

Need a list of deep sleepers for 2019 fantasy football? Smitty has you covered. He has a list of mid-range deep sleepers, and a few super deep guys.

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