Week 9: Watson ACL, Out

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NEWS: Texans QB Deshaun Watson has torn his ACL and is having season-ending knee surgery.

Deshaun Watson tears ACL; What now if he is your QB?

Wow. What a bad year for big-name players getting hurt… Andrew Luck, David Johnson, Odell Beckham, J.J. Watt, Aaron Rodgers, and now DeShaun Watson, these are some of the biggest players in the game of fantasy football.

Watson in particular is a huge hit, as the guy couldn’t have had a better start to his career. It was a non-contact injury and MRI results confirmed the ACL tear. Tom Savage will take over at QB now, which spells huge downgrades for everyone across the board. DeAndre Hopkins goes from a top 2-5WR in fantasy to a likely hot and cold high-end fantasy WR2 (with hopes of a low-end WR1). And, Will Fuller now goes from sneaky-awesome WR2/3 to a flex/WR4 play that will now likely be hit and miss all year long. And, forget about that rushing attack.

If you lost Watson, hopefully you have a decent back-up to now toss in, as you likely drafted Watson as your QB1B. Who can you trade for if you want to trade into a QB after this news? Here are some players I would target at QB:

Drew Brees QB Saints
Tom Brady QB Patriots

Both of these guys are big-name players, so they will command a lot. That said, both have been playing well below top 1-2 this year, as guys like Alex Smith have been outscoring both passers. Well, trust in these two (Brees and Brady) down the stretch. Both are in my top 3 fantasy QBs for Weeks 9-17, and I think that either will carry you during bad weeks. Other QBs to target include:

Kirk Cousins QB Redskins
Ben Roethlisberger QB Steelers

Both have top 5-8QB upside and both can be had near that 8-12 range via trade, especially if someone has one of these guys on their bench. Derek Carr is another player to think about, he also had top 5-10QB appeal, but could, in some cases, be had for less.

If you own DeAndre Hopkins and Will Fuller, now what?

Try selling high in the sense you could maybe still buy low on a lateral-move type player, someone like Mike Thomas who can still be a low-end WR1 but his owners might trade him away as a very low-end WR2. Brandin Cooks is another player that is worth looking at, as some value him super-high, some do not.

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