Week 9: Buy-Lows?


Hey, all. Watch the video provided for a big-time breakdown on all of the Week 9 BUYS, but here is some exclusive-only content in written form per usual.

Week 9 Buys

Aaron Jones (RB/GB)

Aaron Jones is a great buy-low.. for some odd reason. I say that because he had a great Week 8, but I think the emergence of AJ Dillon, who was used a ton in Week 8, and looked good, is worrying A-Jones owners a ton. He still remains one of the only top 5RBs you can get in a trade a handful of spots well outside of traditional top 5RB trade value. Attack! And, if a D-Hopkins or Diggs is on this AJones owner's team, you can trade a Kamara for both or a Cook for both, that is the kind of deal that can make some sense for teams in need of a move.

Stefon Diggs (WR/BUF)

Stefon Diggs is a top 5WR still, or at least he has that upside. I think, like with Aaron Jones above, Diggs is one of the last top 5WRs, at least he has that upside, that you can get well outside of actual top 5WR value. So, he is a super good buy-low for anyone taking the top 1-2 type WRs and wanting to turn that one player into two quietly-valued studs.

Josh Allen (QB/BUF)

Use his slow starting Week 8 to your advantage, as his owners were super worried all game long last week. He barely pulled out a big outing, and his owners were panicked... I know because I have my HeySmitty.com text line, and it was full of panicked halftime messages and Josh Allen had like no points by the half. Even though he rebounded, I sense his owners have questions, and it just means they are vulnerable to a bad trade when it comes to Allen.

Mike Williams (WR/LAC)

Mike Williams is still a top 10WR in my eyes. I never valued him as high as others when his value was once top 5 overall earlier on this season. However, I always find myself higher on him than most once his value crashes, and it goes up and down so much. It's currently down. Take advantage. His owners are tired of the up and down chase, and they are vulnerable.

DeAndre Hopkins/Kyler Murray (WR/QB/AZ)

Both are top 1-5 potential players at their positions, but both being hurt has many freaking out. You can get Kyler well outside of top 4QB value right now, and he is banged up, so there is some risk. He could sit Week 9, but I believe he has a stronger chance of playing than sitting. The same can be said for Hopkins, who is hurt, but both had 10 days from their last game to get right. Both have huge upside with just a little bit of risk. I'm buying at every turn.


Week 9 Sells

Eli Mitchell/Deebo Samuel(RB/WR/SF)

Both are playing at an elite level, but both are subject to Kyle Shanahan messing things up, and he has been an awful decision-maker this year. One game against the Bears' defense doesn't convince me that Mitchell and Deebo can have dips in value. I only sell high, meaning I still love both right now. But, Deebo is historically injury prone and Mitchell is a rookie, who could hit a rookie wall and get banged up... it's just smart business to explore trade waters, like a Diggs or Hopkins (or Jefferson even) for Deebo, and an Aaron Jones for Mitchell. That kind of exploring.

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