Week 8: Breakouts, Sleepers, Stashes

Time To Buy-Low

  1. Melvin Gordon | RB Chargers
  2. Travis Kelce | TE Chiefs
  3. Derrick Henry | RB Titans
  4. DeMarco Murray | RB Titans
  5. Joe Mixon | RB Bengals
  6. Adrian Peterson | RB Cards

Stash: Don’t Give Up

  1. Marlon Mack | WR WAS
  2. Derrick Henry | RB TEN
  3. Wendall Smallwood | RB CHI
  4. Tevin Coleman | RB ATL
  5. Tarik Cohen | RB CHI
  6. James Conner | RB PIT
  7. Matt Breida | RB SF
  8. D’Onta Foreman | RB HOU

Week 8 Buy-Lows

Melvin Gordon had just 38 rushing yards last week. He tanked. However, the week prior, he totaled 150 total yards, 2TDs and pulled in 9 receptions. He’s remains in my top 5RBs for Weeks 8-17 and I’m buying using 2-for-1s anywhere I can. No one will give him away after one bad week, but I acquired the guy in two leagues using Amari Cooper and a low-end RB2s like Doug Martin… this is why one acquires depth, to trade it in 2-for-1 type trades. Use the depth! Trade two players into one better player for your run down the stretch!

Travis Kelce has had back-to-back games with 30-something yards, and while he had a TD in one of those games, it’s his only TD over the last three weeks. While you won’t steal him away from any of his owners, he is certainly in a buy-low territory he won’t likely remain in all year, as I expect the tight end to go nuts down the stretch. If he struggles against the Broncos in Week 8, buy-low next week, as he might even be cheaper.

Joe Mixon is getting the touches, he’s the clear starter right now, and I think he does well from here on out and he’s a fine buy-low player to ride into Weeks 8-17.

Adrian Peterson takes a hit losing Carson Palmer for the year, but coupled with his bad Week 7, I think owners might be willing to trade for him at flex-like value… I think that’s an awesome bet/buy.

DeMarco Murray and Derrick Henry are both troublesome to own. If you own both, you’re likely pulling your hair out on a weekly basis trying to decide which runner to start, and this should tell you that buying both, if you don’t own either, should be relatively easy to do. And, I say try. Worst case scenario, if you buy-low, these runners will still meet the expectations that you’re buying in at. If not, you bought high and didn’t truly buy-low. If you own just Henry, make offers, and I mean low-ball offers, for DeMarco Murray. He still has a chance at thriving down the stretch, as does Henry. Both runners are still elite, Murray has just been banged up (something I worry about all year, so don’t get me wrong and go off any buy him anywhere near fair market value)… and Henry just needs the carries, something he is not guaranteed at all. Still, if healthy, and if TEN does stick with one rusher at some point, you’re looking at a top 5-10RB. Could TEN screw this up all year for fantasy owners? Sure. In fact, absolutely they could… but that’s why you bake the risk into your offer to acquire both or one of these guys.

Marlon Mack, Wendall Smallwood, Tevin Coleman, Tarik Cohen, Matt Breida and D’Onta Foreman all have ‘stash’ appeal, as each could be a RB2, with ease, if given starter carries. None of them are guaranteed starter carries at this point, but some, like Smallwood, are gaining momentum as we head into Week 8, and others, like Cohen, are an injury away from elite production. Mack was trending in the right direction, but his rise took a pause – I still believe that he is a monster in waiting. Stash. Wait. Be Patient.

James Conner is worth zero… until he isn’t. I’m a LeVeon Bell owner in several leagues, so I hope he stays healthy and keeps Conner irrelevant all season long… but, if Bell gets hurt, Conner could jump into elite numbers. It’s a 100 percent lottery ticket, know that as you stash and wait on him.


  1. Smitty on October 27, 2017 at 3:10 pm

    Who do you have?

  2. joe sim on October 27, 2017 at 10:31 pm

    D Westbrook Jax, Corey Davis Titans.

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