Week 10: Buy-Lows?


Hey, all. Watch the video provided for a big-time breakdown on all of the Week 10 BUYS, but here is some exclusive-only content in written form per usual.

Week 10 Buys

Tyreek Hill/Patrick Mahomes/Travis Kelce (WR/QB/TE/KC)

Only a fantasy football novice would TRULY believe that Patrick Mahomes is no longer a stud. I hear some insane fantasy takes on my YouTube show, in the comments, where many suggest that this guy no longer is a stud, or that he's figured out. This is ludicrous. He had 3TDs in each of the first 3 weeks of the season, and 5TDs the very next week. He started the season off on a tear, and because of a recent slump, even if a rather long slump, what? He is now incapable of rebounding? Lamar Jackson was TRASH for the entire first-half of last season... no, not for 2-3 games, literally the entire first-half of the entire 2020 fantasy football season... then he rebounded. QBs can have big strings of games where they drop into slump mode, it happens all the time.. this is not new and it only seems crazy because Mahomes has never gone this long in slump mode... He will rebound... and, when he does, these buy-low prices on Hill, Mahomes and Kelce will be hilarious to reflect back on. Get all three low... now!

Aaron Jones, Davante Adams, Aaron Rodgers (RB/WR/QB/GB)

Aaron Jones was on this list last week, and after Aaron Rodgers missed Week 9, he and Davante Adams now join the list, as that entire Packers offense imploded under the command of Jordan Love. People are reactive and they quickly forget that the Packers were a top 5 team just the week prior... and still are. ARod lives for, and thrives in, the drama, and he SHOULD be back for Week 10 if he tests negative twice in time... if back, he will have TD production back on point in Weeks 10 on. Buy-low at every turn, as this Packers team will score boatloads down the stretch.

Josh Allen, Stefon Diggs (QB/WR/BUF)

Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs were both on this list last week, and no, that isn't detouring me away from having both on the list yet again this week. I know how good Josh Allen is, I don't need this season to explain anything to me on that front... I know it. And, Diggs isn't to blame, as he can't produce much if his QB struggles. The Bills lost in crazy fashion in this Week 9 contest, and I fully expect the Bills, and Allen, to thrive back in Week 10. Diggs hasn't been electric this season, he's been decent, but not elite... I think he can still be a top 5WR go-forward. He is probably the cheapest potential top 5WR left on the buy-low scene. And, if he scores outside the top 5WRs, like 8-10, his current asking price is exactly that, so he will earn you back your cost of entry right now.. that's a great low-risk/high-reward move right there. Same goes for Allen.. he's top 1-2 worthy for all QBs go-forward.

Mike Williams (WR/LAC)

Mike Williams is still on the list, yes, even after last week. He has top 10-15WR appeal, yet is written off by most all owners. That makes him a monster steal at near zero risk.

DeAndre Hopkins/Kyler Murray (WR/QB/AZ)

Both are top 1-5 potential players at their positions, but both being hurt has many freaking out. You can get Kyler well outside of top 4QB value right now, and he is banged up, so there is some risk. He could sit Week 9, but I believe he has a stronger chance of playing than sitting. The same can be said for Hopkins, who is hurt, but both had 10 days from their last game to get right. Both have huge upside with just a little bit of risk. I'm buying at every turn.


Week 9 Sells

Deebo Samuel (WR/SF) - I think he doesn't sustain the value he has been playing at. He already dropped off last week, and even if he bounces back a bit here and there, I think he scores well below his Weeks 1-8.

Christian McCaffrey (RB/CAR) - Explore getting two huge guns for CMC, as you will at worst do very well on your side of the trade even if CMC tears it up. If you get an Aaron Jones and Hopkins, as an example, or Cordarrelle Patterson and Tyreek Hill, who cares how CMC finishes? Again, it's a wash worst case if you got a Hill/Cpatt... and, if CMC gets hurt again, well, you have a Hill/Cpatt.

Ezekiel Elliott (RB/DAL) - Entertain selling high, only because Zeke is banged up a bit, and his huge mileage is worrying me a bit. Don't sell-low, he certainly isn't a huge, huge concern, but I think it's smart management to go across position, if you can afford to at RB, and get a Tyreek Hill straight up for Zeke. It's just a smooth sidestep to avoid some of the many red flags relating to Zeke staying healthy, and Dak Prescott staying healthy (as Zeke falls off the face of the earth if Dak goes down, so that's two potential players getting hurt that affects Zeke... which is like 2x the injury risk when you think about it).

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