Vikings @ Saints: Week 16 Recap

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VIKINGS: Wow. Alvin Kamara won championships single-handedly in this one, running for 155 and 6TDs on the ground. We will get to that down below. On the Vikings side of the football, Dalvin Cook rushed 15 times for 73 yards and 1TD, and added 1 catch for 12 yards. Fantasy owners were left wanting more out of Cook in their championship contest, though; however, it was still a solid game for Cook owners. Kirk Cousins (291/3TDs) was solid, as was Adam Thielen (8/97/1TD). Justin Jefferson didn’t flop, but his 6/85/0TDs was a tad disappointing for those expecting a TD with that kind of yardage. Irv Smith is making a low-end TE1 name for himself, as he dropped a line of 6/53/2TDs. Mike Boone had just one carry, but scored; Ameer Abdullah also ran the ball just once for 13 yards.

Dynasty Talk: Dalvin Cook is a top 3 overall lock heading into all 2021 fantasy football drafts (redraft and dynasty); he holds some injury risk for sure, but Alexander Mattison, despite doing nothing of note during his one single start this year (during Cook’s one missed game), is about as strong of a handcuff as you can find in fantasy football. I think Alvin Kamara proved via his 6TD performance that he is either the 1.01 or 1.02 in all 2021 drafts (in all formats), which leaves Cook as a strong bet for most everyone’s #3 overall. Christian McCaffrey and Kamara will most likely be the consensus top 2 overall (I imagine that the order of these two will be debated all off-season long). Aside from Irv Smith maybe being 7-12TE material next year, or at least in the discussion for that kind of value, only Adam Thielen and Justin Jefferson hold big-time value. Thielen is neither old or young, so he could have another 1-2 strong years left, but Justin Jefferson will be a potential top 6-12WR in 2021. He will cut into some of Thielen’s workload, but this could make Thielen a value grab in 2021 drafts. Jefferson, who is only going to get better, is top 6-10WR bound. Get ready.

fantasy football news
SAINTS: As stated above, Alvin Kamara had one of the best fantasy football games of all-time, rushing for 6TDs and 155 yards on 22 carries. He added just 17 yards on 3 receptions, but he didn’t need any receiving work in this one. Asking for that after 6TDs on the ground is just plain selfish. It’s hard to imagine anyone losing their Week 16 fantasy championship if they had Kamara in their line-up. Drew Brees was mediocre in this game, tossing for 311 yards, 0TDs and 2INTs. Latavius Murray was solid on the ground, rushing 12 times for 72 yards (adding 3/24/0TDs via the air). He, like Mattison to Cook in 2021, is a must-cuff for all Kamara owners; both Mattison and Murray are super handcuffs that can help secure elite production if the starter goes down. Very few back-ups in the NFL have that ability. Emmanuel Sanders (4/83/0TDs) and Jared Cook (3/82/0TDs) were the only two receivers/catchers that did much of note in this one, but that is expected with Kamara scoring 6TDs all by himself. Taysom Hill ran in a score as well and totaled 18 yards on 5 carries. It was a full-blown rushing assault that the Saints put on the Vikings.

Dynasty Talk: With his 6TD performance in Week 16 against the Vikings, Alvin Kamara made a strong case that he is the 1.01 in all 2021 fantasy football drafts (redraft or dynasty). He even made a case that he can thrive with Taysom Hill as the starter in New Orleans, a conversation people have been having for roughly a month now. No, Hill wasn’t the QB in this past Week 16 game, but the concern with Hill under center (instead of Brees) is that Kamara won’t survive without receptions, and Hill was not throwing to him. Well, Brees only threw to Kamara 3 times in this past outing, and Kamara did just fine, as he can be a 15-20 carry rusher. Lock Kamara into either the 1.01 or 1.02 heading into all 2021 fantasy football drafts (redraft or dynasty). Only Kamara, Christian McCaffrey and MAYBE Dalvin Cook deserve to be in the 1.01 conversation for 2021. Comment below with where you rank Taysom Hill amongst all 2021 QBs (if we assume he is the starter in 2021). Also, where do you rank Michael Thomas WR-wise in 2021? I think a lot of fantasy owners will overreact to his 2021 fantasy football season (or lack of one). He could have insanely-good draft value in early 2021 fantasy football drafts, as he still can be the #1 overall WR in fantasy football (and the crazy part is some are ranking him outside of their top 5WRs for 2021). Where do you rank him? Comment below!

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