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Each and every fantasy football season, a grip of players walk into the new fantasy year with big question marks surrounding both their health and situation. While I could list over a dozen players that I worry about heading into the 2016 fantasy football season, here are three big-name players worth talking about.

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Demaryius Thomas WR

Demaryius Thomas (WR/DEN)

Demaryius Thomas didn’t have a bad 2015 fantasy football season, as he posted 105 receptions for 1,304 yards and 6TDS. The 6TDs was quite disappointing given that he has averaged over 10TDs a season over the last three years (10, 14, 11, then 6TDs this past year). Another noticeable drop-off was his four 100-yard games vs 10 the year prior. The guy is only 28 years old and he hasn’t missed a game in the past four seasons, but the Broncos had an up-and-down season at the quarterback position in 2015, and I’m honestly not too sure we will see improvement in 2016. In fact, they may become even more run oriented… If Denver brings in a big-name passer this off-season, I will surely adapt my thinking, but for now, I can’t help but feel disappointment for anyone counting on top 2-5 fantasy WR-type production in 2016. Call this last comment 100 percent speculation, so more gut instinct vs. stat-based, but I fear injury as well. Again, Thomas hasn’t missed a game in four years, so it’s almost reckless to stress this part of my doubt, but some players can’t shake the injury tag even after seasons of playing 16 games. All in all, injury predicting aside, I worry about Thomas‘ 2016 season on all fronts.

Good Buy-Low Ideas: Amari Cooper, Josh Gordon (get more, too!)

Dez Bryant WR

Dez Bryant (WR/DAL)

He’s a stud talent-wise, but staying healthy is a big concern of mine, at least moving forward. By default, because of talent, he is in my top 6-7WRs, so I’m not calling for everyone to avoid Dez at all costs. However, after playing just 9 games last year (31/401/3TDs), and given that he has already had his second foot surgery (due to rushing back last year), I’m just screaming caution if you’re counting on him (draft or trade) as a top 1-4 fantasy wide receiver. Mix in other injury concerns and the consistently injured Tony Romo, I just call for caution is all… maybe even a sell-high (only if you really are selling high, or packaging to upgrade into something huge, like a Todd Gurley)!

Good Buy-Low Ideas: Amari Cooper, Josh Gordon (get more, too!)

LeSean McCoy RB

LeSean McCoy (RB/BUF)

Injuries, off-the-field concerns (potential suspension due to off-the-field fight that landed off-duty police officers in the hospital), the presence of Karlos Williams… there is a lot to worry about if you’re expecting high-end RB1-type numbers out of LeSean McCoy in 2016. Is he a total bust waiting to happen? No, I won’t go that far, in fact, it’s not difficult to envision him even becoming a great buy-low in some leagues where owners panic… but, if we are talking current fantasy football value, which calls for RB1-type value, I say approach/trade for with caution. And, like with Dez, selling high is not a bad idea (if you are truly selling high… selling as a RB2 is NOT selling high).

Good Buy-Low Ideas: Devonta Freeman or David Johnson (even if you have to give more), DeMarco Murray (if you want to swap risk for risk!)



  1. footballchix on February 17, 2016 at 2:57 pm

    They were all bust in 2015. Any WR with a big deal done, high chance of bust.

    • Smitty on February 18, 2016 at 4:57 pm

      I think it was 60% of the entire top 30 overall busted or got hurt (so at least failed owners). Amazing how many busts we had last year.

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