Hello gang (RabidBucFan here),

I wasn’t sure if this was going to happen this year for a myriad of reasons that I won’t go into. I will say this; it is my sincerest wish that anyone reading this has a safe, healthy and positive year moving forward.
Without being able to see these humps play preseason I’m kind of shooting in dark. But, what the hell it’s not like I’m a professional or anything. There will be minimal information regarding most of the rookies, which is a bummer. However, I’ll throw them into the role I think they’ll play at least.
So, here goes nutt’n honey.

Note: AGAIN, this is a NOT a Smitty write-up, this is written by long-time moderator RabidBucFan. He is a long-time, well respected mod here on SleeperU, and this column is a once-a-year column everyone has grown to love and look forward to. I preface it is not SMITTY’S because some don’t read the fine print and wonder why it doesn’t match some of the rankings. That’s why. Enjoy this read, RabidBucFan does a great job with this every year. Bravo!

Arizona Cardinals

Year 2 with the kid

Kyler Murray QB1. Well the rookie made it into the top 10 with some awkward looking football at times. So, if he can increase his passing efficiency, utilize his weapons and run as much (or a little more-but don’t qet crushed) there is no reason not to like him in the top 10 again and could move into the top 5 dare I say.
DeAndre Hopkins WR1. Hopkins is a BEAST. Bill O’Brien is and IDIOT. Due to Murrays play style and accuracy there may not be as many balls coming his way. However, it doesn’t’ matter he will make what he gets count. He will be in the top 10.
Larry Fitzgerald WR3. He is awesome. He is ancient in football years. He’ll help clear the path for Hopkins/Kirk.
Christian Kirk Solid Flex/WR3 low end WR2. 
Andy Isabella, Hakeem Butler, KeeSean Johnson no reason to draft them unless one of the other three gets injured.
Dan Arnold TE yes. The way the Cardinals are going to play mean their TE’s should look at blocking as a way of life. Bye week filler if you’re hard pressed.
Kenyan Drake RB1. Well come on down. Guess he can run after all. He learned some stuff from Gore and he showed it as soon as he had the chance. Oh, before I forget Adam Gase SUCKS. Look for more of the same this year and keep your fingers crossed that he stays healthy. 
Chase Edmond Flex/Handcuff. Last year he didn’t see that much action but when he did he respond well. Average close to 5 yards per carry and got some passes. This year Kinsbury may use him a bit more to spell Drake. However, if Drake gets dinged Edmonds will be the man. If I drafted Drake I went after Edmonds. Just saying.
Eno Benjamin R. Waiver wire for redraft.

Atlanta Falcons

A tale of two halves last year let’s faces it the dirty birds crapped the bed up to the bye week by losing 7 of 8 games. Then they come back and go 6-2 to end with a 7-9 season. Fantasy wise who cares about records right. Expect another aerial onslaught.

Matt Ryan QB1-Matty Ice going to make the top to again? I think so.

Julio Jones WR1 – see Julio Jones
Calvin Ridley WR1 – the future Julio Jones 
Both of these guys are STUDS there is no reason (barring injury) that both of them can’t get to 1,000 yards.
Russell Gage, Laquon Treadwell just WW guys or flex at best.

Hayden Hurst TE1. Austin Hooper was a top 10 TE with the Falcons. Hurst is just as good and may be a bit quicker. He should be drafted in every league.
Todd Gurley RB1 with downside. Well he sniffed the top ten last year with bum knees and all. He may get there again this year. There may be a difference though the Falcons only signed him to a one year deal. They may just run him into the ground and not worry about next year. Ride him like you stole him boys.
The rest of the Falcons RB’s are flex appeal at best and will only be called into fantasy action should Gurley suffer a catastrophic event.

Baltimore Ravens

Reload and make another run at it.

Lamar Jackson QB1. I was wrong last year. Jackson is legit and a special talent. He succeeding in blending the run and the pass game and was super efficient at both. He was the #1 QB in all formats last year and should push for that spot again even if he regresses a tad.
Marquise Brown WR2 with upside. Go deep young man. Ok do it again. If he’s healthy all year he could win you a couple of weeks possibly.
Miles Boykin, Willie Snead or Devin Duvernay (R) WR3/Flex. They’ll get looks each week just not many or consistently. Look for DD to supplant Snead by mid-season if not sooner.
James Proche (R) odd man out. WW material in case the above go down.

Mark Andrews TE1. This guy also made me look like a dork last year. Oh well. He was splitting time with Hunter Hurst last year and had to do a ton of heavy lifting when Brown was injured and still made it to the top of the TE ranks. No Hurst and a healthy Brown along with a 2nd year QB could be just what the doctor ordered for Mr. Andrews to stay in the top 3 this season.
Mark Ingram, J.K. Dobbins (R) (handcuff), Gus Edwards and Justice Hill -RB1/RB2 WOW what a four pronged running attack (5 if you count the QB) and they may just spread the load around. Ingram is going to be 31 but still valid and was ultra efficient with a nose for the end zone. Dobbins and Edwards will both be right there and Hill will get his few touches to keep D’s honest each game. Draft all of them at their current values and hope for the best.

Buffalo Bills

Almost Please get better.

Josh Allen QB1. I was a fan last year and still am. He made the top 10 (with help from his legs and rushing TD’s) he will once again make up for his inaccuracy with volume. Going to use a mid round pick for your QB1 well here’s a good one for you. 

Stefon Diggs WR2 some upside. See Josh Allen. Diggs will get his and may be QB proof. However, Allen has to be better with the long ball for the upside to happen.
John Brown WR3 with upside. Same as above 
Cole Beasley solid Flex.
Gabriel Davis (R) and Isaiah McKenzie will be depth and have little to no fantasy value at the start of the season.

Dawson Knox streaming only. Not enough action for him to be a starting fantasy TE. Too bad I like his game. Not his blocking though.

Devin Singletary RB2 with upside in PPR. He lost goal line work to Allen and Gore last year. He’ll lose goal line work to Allen and Zack Moss this year. He is electric in space though and maybe he will get a few more passes thrown his way.
Zack Moss (R) Flex appeal (handcuff). He will take over the Gore role but is younger and may have better catching out of the backfield ability. If Singletary stumbles Moss could take the reigns. Will be interesting to see how this one ends.
T.J. Yeldon is really the only backup and if the Bills have to rely on him then Allen will be a rushing mad man.

Carolina Panthers

A whole new ball game
Teddy Bridgewater QB2 solid. He’s not going to do anything to blow anyone away. He will dink, dunk and get the ball into the hands of the playmakers though. So, if you have a 2QB, Superflex league then by all means get him. Standard leagues he may end up available on the WW.
DJ Moore WR1. Moore is good. Bridgewater will get the ball to him and let him work. Sniffs top 10 if all the planets align. 
Robby Anderson WR3 some upside. Run Robby run. Come back and do it again.
Curtis Samuel WR2. Going to be the slot guy now. Should see targets and get an opportunity to play in the open field some.
Ian Thomas ? TE2 with upside maybe. If you can get him late then get him. He’s capable. As of this writing though just have no idea how he’ll be used.
Christian McCaffrey RB1. Yes please. Just know that the addition of Bridgewater does nothing to hamper CMC.

Chicago Bears

Really guys?
Mitch Trubisky/Nick Foles QB not drafted. If you are drafting either of these guys I hope it’s super late as a bye week filler or as a Superflex last ditch option. Foles will play a few games then collapse for whatever reason. Trubisky will come in to save the day and start throwing balls into the dirt or the stands. Stay away from these guys.
Allen Robinson WR1 with risk. Poor Allen his team sucks. Last year he was the only option most of the time and that proved well for fantasy. This season we can’t rely on that to happen again. So, if you draft him it will have to be early and that may come back to bite you.
Anthony Miller Flex with a little upside. If the QB play is any better than last year there is a chance that Miller out performs his current 12th round ADP.
Jimmy Graham, Cole Kmet they are TE’s. They should be available on waiver wires near you. ONLY to be opened in case of emergency.
David Montgomery RB2. Offensive line, play calling and overall lack luster play all around made it really difficult to watch Monty last year. If there is a little better line play. IF the coaching staff gets a viable scheme to follow then maybe this guy will have a viable fantasy year. Do not hold your breath. I am not responsible for what happens here.
Tarik Cohen Flex appeal. He should be drafted in all PPR leagues as a RB3 or flex play. The targets are there.
Cincinnati Bengals

New blood. New team?
Joe Burrow QB1. Well here goes nothing kid. Not like you have the entire weight of a city on your back to raise their football team from the gutter to the penthouse. Oh, well he does. IF he can maintain calm within himself and let all the noise fall off he has the weapons around him that any QB would love to have. I grabbed him in a couple of leagues as my back up QB because I think he’ll be good.
AJ Green, Tyler Boyd WR1 somehow. Green needs to stay on the field that’s all there is to it. If he does and the new kid is as good as advertised then comeback player of the year could happen. IF Green gets hit by the nagging injuries yet again then the 31 year old WR will be done and Boyd will be the man. One of these guys will produce.
John Ross, Tee Higgins WR3, WR2, Flex upside. Both of these guys can play. Which will play the most is once again the big question. All four of these WR’s can and should be drafted. Just know that if you get one of them you may want to get a second just incase.
CJ Uzomah TE bye week filler.
Joe Mixon RB1. Get him if you can and watch him work with the new guy. Top 5 coming at you.
Giovani Bernard handcuff/RB3/ppr Flex

Cleveland Browns

QB needs to concentrate on football.
Baker Mayfield QB2 risk. Baker, My Baker touchdown maker from last year crapped the bed. He sucked……….often. So, if he would do a little more on the field work and less off the field glamour stuff MAYBE he’ll perform better. He’s not to be trusted at this point. Only draft in 2 QB or Superflex leagues.
Odell Beckham Jr WR1. He’s top 5 talent but with the QB play and his diva-ish attitude could be in the top 20 in the blink of an eye. There is a boatload of WR talent out there now. Draft with caution and have a contingency plan.
Jarvis Landry, Rashard Higgins WR3 upside. Landry had hip surgery. IF he’s healthy then he could be WR2 bound. If he’s not then Higgins could step up. Just not sure if he can handle the heavy lifting though. 
Donovan Peoples-Jones stash. Just in case Landry goes down or OBJ melts down he’d be the next guy up.
Austin Hooper TE1. Well Mayfield damn near killed Njoku last year with poor pass placement. So, Hooper is plenty capable of doing the job he’ll just have to hope that Mayfield treats him better than he did Njoku.
David Njoku honorable mention. Really just put this here because he’s a good football player that got dealt a crappy hand at QB. Good luck fella.
Nick Chubb, Kareem Hunt combined RB1, individually RB2. This is going to be a RBBC and they are both capable of doing the job. Unfortunately, for us fantasy folks we will have to draft and hope our guy gets the most each week. Both need to be drafted in all leagues.

Dallas Cowboys

Bye underachiever. Hello Real Live Coach guy.
Dak Prescott QB1. With the new head coach Prescott will have every opportunity to get the ball to his play makers. The only reason he shouldn’t end as top 5 QB is because HE screws up.
Amari Cooper WR1 some risk, Michael Gallup, CeeDee Lamb WR2 with upside. The new coach knows how to use good players. Here are three really good WR’s. The risk is that Gallup and the new shiny Lamb toy can potentially perform at damn near the same level as Cooper. On draft day it may be a better option to get Gallup or Lamb at their current round 7/8 ADP than paying up for Cooper.
Blake Jarwin TE2 with upside. The issue with Jarwin is not ability it’s target share. He will be 3rd choice at best every time he’s on the field. The progression will be Zeke, one of the 2 WR’s, run, Jarwin. The upside is there if gotten at the right value.
Ezekiel Elliott RB1. Top 5 and there is NO reason for that not to happen other than injury.
Tony Pollard handcuff/flex. Could handle the load if something happens to EE.

Denver Broncos

Go for middle of the pack team.
Drew Lock QB2. Lock will be surrounded by talent this year. If he does not end up in the top 20 range he should be banned from football forever. Well maybe not forever buy c’mon man just do your job. Draft him in 2QB formats or superflex. Only draft him as a bye week filler in redraft unless he starts showing consistency.
Courtland Sutton, Jerry Jeudy WR1/WR2. These guys should be getting all kinds of targets this season. Now they just have to produce.
KJ Hamler (inj), DaeSean Hamilton, Tim Patrick backups-these guys aren’t as good as the other two but they are next guys up.
Noah Fant TE2 with upside. His success is going to be based on target share. All the WR’s and Gordon will eat at the table first. If any of them pull up lame then he’d get more action.
Albert Okwuegbunam speed dial if Fant goes down.

Detroit Lions

If we only had a real coach.
Matthew Stafford QB2/QB1. Please be healthy and remain that way Mr. Stafford. He has a ton of talent to use and the ability. His cross to bear is the horrific coaching of Patricia. Stafford should be drafted in all leagues. If you picked RB/WR for the first 6 or 7 rounds then look to get Stafford as your QB1. Superflex and 2QB leagues get him as soon as you think you can afford him as your number 2.
Kenny Golladay WR1. STUD A top ten talent. Worth every bit of draft capital it takes to get him.
Marvin Jones Jr. WR2. Consistently earning fantasy points for years and should have another year in him. He can be drafted at WR3 price and that’s a good thing.
Danny Amendola Flex/WR3. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Draft him for the 8 or 9 games he plays and then dump him when he gets hurt. He produces when he’s playing.
T.J. Hockenson TE3 with upside. There is no where to go but up for Hock. He really didn’t do much to write home about in his rookie season but hey how many TE’s do. Stafford can make TE’s relevant as long as they do their part. Draft him at the end of your draft as a bye week filler and hope for more.
D’Andre Swift (R) , Kerryon Johnson RB2 RBBC. Swift is going around the 6th round and Johnson is going around the 8th. As it stands right now I have no idea what will happen between these guys. Swift is probably the better all around back. Neither are iron men and that’s an issue. 
Bo Scarbrough goal line work. TD heavy leagues maybe
Adrian Peterson just picked up 9/6/20. I think he’ll just give the starters a breather and be there incase someone gets injured. Keep him on the radar just in case.

Green Bay Packers

Smoke and Mirrors
Aaron Rodgers QB1 with risk. Last year was ugly. If it was internal strife between Rogers and LaFleur, a new offense, age or a combination of everything Rodgers ended in the top ten but had some horrible games along the way. As a fan I want to see him like the Rogers we all like. As a fantasy football guy I’m going to let someone else deal with him this year.
Davante Adams WR1. STUD top 5 WR if it’s late 1st round and you’re up go ahead and snag him.
Marquez Valdes-Scantling, Allen Lazard WR2/WR3. One of these guys will be the #2 WR and if Rodgers can be his old self the #2 guy is fantasy gold. Usually, a later pick and guaranteed a ton of work. We’ll have to see how it shakes out.
Equanimeous St. Brown speed dial.
Jace Sternberger, Robert Tonyan TE2 minimal upside. Don’t look here for TE help unless you’re streaming TE’s.
Aaron Jones RB2? This guy was #2 last year thanks to his TD production and that up and down QB play. So, let’s reward his hard work with a new RB in the draft. DOH …Another player that I’m personally letting others get due to a non warm fuzzy feeling. Yeah that’s technical go with it ☺
A.J. Dillon (R) RB2/handcuff? This guy is a beast. Big with a burst. Reports right now are that he will be used sparingly early on so let’s see what happens. Dynasty leagues he’s a must draft. 
Jamaal Williams RB3/flex. He should be the #2 at the beginning of the season and for good reason. He play good ball and produces when called upon. If you can get him late that would be great.

Houston Texans

Bill O’Brien is a horrible coach/GM and should be fired.
Deshaun Watson QB1. He can throw and he can run if need be so let’s take away his most fearsome weapon. SMH ridiculous. Watson can still be a top 10 QB it’s just going to be a tougher job for him this year.
Will Fuller WR1/WR2. Sure he’s fast and can catch. He also misses a ton of games and is unreliable. Buyer beware and make sure he’s your WR2 or WR3.
Brandin Cooks WR2 risk. It is my hope that Cooks can play this year and not get concussed. He has great upside. However, he’s another player that is one hit away from retirement. Buyer beware.
Randall Cobb WR3/flex. Capable but no upside to speak of if you get him late he’ll be your WR3/4/flex guy and that’s the numbers he’ll get you.
Kenny Stills handcuff kind of. One or more of the above will be out sooner or later. They are a triage waiting to happen. When it does Stills will swoop in have a monster game then disappear. Oh by the way he’s on the fragile side as well. Yup buyer beware.
TE’s streaming only for whoever is starting that week.
David Johnson RB1. He will be fed the ball a lot. How he responds is going to be fun to watch. I’m going to say boom or bust here. If you have the guts to draft him as your RB1 then God bless ya.
Duke Johnson Handcuff extraordinaire/Flex. If you draft DJ you might want to reach early for Duke. Just saying.

Indianapolis Colts

Let’s see if an old dog can learn new tricks.
Philip Rivers QB2/Superflex. Well old man Rivers will be 39 this season and he did not look good last year. Dink, dunks and wounded ducks are all he has left. Oh, and he’ll whine with the best of them. However, he can make those around him fantasy relevant so make sure to pay close attention to how things are shaking out the first few games and try to make trades or WW moves for the guys getting the looks.
T.Y. Hilton WR3 risk/slight upside. This is the perfect storm for Hilton to have a rough year. He’s going to be 31, has injuries galore and a new QB that can’t throw him open or utilize his speed when healthy. This is another guy that should be on your opponent’s roster due to his ADP.
Parris Campbell WR3 with upside. He’s the new car version of Hilton without the baggage and can be gotten way later in most drafts.
Michael Pittman Jr (R) WR3 PPR big upside. This is the WR to target for the Colt’s in my opinion. He may end up being Rivers safety outlet in the slot or on short routes. Worth the ADP.
Zach Pascal speed dial.
Jack Doyle TE1. Rivers love his TE’s Go get Doyle as your TE2 and use him as your TE1/Flex through the season.
Jonathan Taylor (R) RB1. Rivers loves his RB’s and Taylor will be the guy in there more often or not. He’s just better than Mack. Take the plunge and get him as your RB2.
Marlon Mack handcuff. He just didn’t do enough to keep his gig. 
Nyheim Hines Flex with upside in PPR only. Get him late or off the WW and plug him in from time to time.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Really have no idea.
Garner Minshew QB2/Superflex. Minshew is a character, fun to watch play and seems to be a good leader but he just doesn’t get you fantasy points consistently enough to warrant drafting. He’ll be available real late or maybe even on the WW in many leagues. A streaming guy for sure.
D.J. Chark WR2 some upside. Chark was interesting last year. He had some good games and he had some meh games. He looked spectacular sometimes as well. Draft him and let’s see what happens this year.
Laviska Shenault Jr. (R) WR3/flex. Dynasty leagues need to watch this guy. This season he may not be “the man” much but next year maybe a solid #2.
Dede Westbrook WR3 upside. Westbrook is fast and has good hands and he may be on many waiver wires at the beginning of the season. If you have a spot open go grab him.
Chris Conley, Keelan Cole and Collin Johnson (R) are all just speed dial guys.
Tyler Eifert, James O’Shaughnessy streaming guys only.
Ryquell Armstead RB? I have no idea where this is going to go. He is on the Covid list again and has been injured so he may not be ready for the first few games.
Devine Ozigbo RB? He’s the guy that may fill in for Armstead. Yeah nothing much for you.
Chris Thompson RB2/Flex PPR only. At least we know what Thompson can do when healthy. He catches balls out of the back field and make people miss. So, he’s worth drafting in PPR leagues.

Kansas City Chiefs

Damn good team.
Patrick Mahomes QB1. Had he played all 16 games last year he would have been near the top 3. If he stays healthy this year the only QB that could go before him is Lamar Jackson.
Tyreek Hill WR1 ability may get you WR2 results. Yes please. Just make sure to go WR/WR/WR or RB/WR/WR if you draft him to cover the off weeks.
Mecole Hardman handcuff. If you take Hill you’ll really want to get Hardman late. He would also fill in for Watkins if something where to happen. But you wouldn’t NEED to get him as a handcuff. 
Sammy Watkins WR2. He’s going in the back half of most drafts. His value is fantastic. He’s the #2 guy for Mahomes and can be gotten for a steal.
Demarcus Robinson super speed dial guy.
Travis Kelce TE1. STUD nuff said
Clyde Edwards-Helaire (R) RB1. This guy has the opportunity of a lifetime in this offense. Top 10 as long as he show’s up?
Darrel Williams handcuff/flex. If you draft CEH and don’t target Williams later or reach a little you’ll be doing yourself a disservice. Cover your butts.

Los Angeles Chargers

Transition year
Tyrod Taylor, Justin Herbert 2QB/Superflex only. Streaming is the word of the day for the Chargers and the QB position. Taylor will likely start the season and should be ok. He’s not anything special but he’s also not horrible. Herbert is the future I guess. If Taylor struggles or goes down the Herbert will take the wheel and then we’ll know what they have to work with.
Keenan Allen WR1. As long as the QB of the day can get him the ball he’ll maintain his value. If Williams misses any games then Allen will see more targets. That’s good for fantasy but dangerous for Allen.
Mike Williams WR2 with upside. As of 9/6/20 Williams is hampered by a shoulder injury. So, buyer beware once he’s healed up the same applies for him. 
Joe Reed (R) Flex with upside. This guy may be the fill in if Williams is indeed unable to go. He may get a more import role early on. Sleeper maybe
K.J. Hill (R) speed dial/Flex. May get pushed into playing early.
Hunter Henry TE1 risk. Without old man Rivers there will the volume be the same for the TE? He’s certainly capable but the QB change may reduce his productivity. Buyer beware.
Austin Ekeler RB2 with upside. The QB issue is the same with Ekeler as it is with Hunter. We just don’t know how the dink and dunk will work with Taylor or Herbert so it’s tough to spend the draft capital to get Ekeler.
Justin Jackson, Joshua Kelley TBD. This team could end up being a three headed monster, RBBC, hot hand team whatever you want to call it. As far as fantasy goes Jackson or Kelley late as a “what the hell” pick could turn out to be a hidden gem. Keep an eye on how this works out.

Las Angeles Rams

Whoops got figured out.
Jared Goff QB2. Well between opposing teams defenses making the offensive genius look average and the confidence deficiency shown by Goff the Rams need to get something figured out quick or this season will be a repeat of last seasons less than stellar attempt.
Robert Woods, Cooper Kupp WR2 some upside. Both of these guys are very good WR’s and they complement each other well. They should be drafted in all formats and if you can get Woods a few picks later than Kupp that wouldn’t hurt my feelings a bit.
Josh Reynolds, Van Jefferson (R) flex and speed dial. You could grab Reynolds late if you have a spot open and Jefferson should be drafted late as well in Dynasty leagues.
Tyler Higbee TE1 some risk. Higbee ended the season on a tear. Hopeful fantasy owners (me included) are looking for more of the same and drafting a little to high in all likelihood. However, it won’t take long to see what’s what and if it’s yuck then a streaming we will go. It’s the TE position.
Gerald Everett TE2 streaming. Everett is a capable player. If you’re in a heavy TD league he’s be an option.
Cam Akers (R), Malcolm Brown, Darrell Henderson RB? This is yet another RBBC situation that is not going to be resolved until after a few games. If you can get any of these guys at a value and stash them on your roster then great. If you have to pay premium price for them then the risk is there that you will have gotten the wrong one. Buyer beware.

Las Vegas Raiders

Shiney and New
Derek Carr Superflex QB2. Well Carr is a “game manager” not a “game winner” so with that in mind how will he do with his new toys? Hopefully, good with Ruggs, Edwards, Waller, Jacobs and Richard available there is no reason for him not to be able to get rid of the ball and let one of them do the heavy lifting.
Henry Ruggs III (R) WR2 with weekly upside. The sky’s the limit for this guy. He’s currently being drafted around the 9th round that’s WR4 territory. That won’t last long. If you can get him there fantastic. He’s going to be running all over the place starting week 1.
Bryan Edwards (R) WR3/Flex upside. As of this writing Edwards is almost WW material. That will change due to the fact that he is now going to be starting along side Ruggs and that makes him a ……….yup a starting WR. Get him late stash him if you can and see how it works out. Worst case is he craps the bed and you cut bait after a couple of weeks. I don’t think that will happen though.
Hunter Renfrow, Nelson Agholor, Zay Jones speed dial guys.
Darren Waller TE1. Yes please top 5 TE. Witten and the new WR’s may steal a few targets away but that could benefit Waller by keeping him fresher longer.
Josh Jacobs RB1. Jacobs is a workhorse that will be used early and often go get him in all formats even though PPR won’t be his strongest area he’ll still be top 10 RB on volume alone.
Jalen Richard handcuff/flex PPR. Well it looks like Richard is going to be the RB2 and pass catching back for the Raider since they booted the rookie Bowden to the Miami curb. If you can get Richard late (and you can) or off WW especially in PPR then go get him.

Miami Dolphins

Playing for the 2021 #1 pick?
Ryan Fitzpatrick Superflex/Streaming. The bearded wonder Fitzmagic/Fitztragic is what we thought he is………..Fun to watch. Don’t draft him unless you’re in a 2QB league otherwise just stream away.
Tua Tagovailoa (R) dynasty pick up only at this time. He should be on WW’s in redraft leagues and unless Fitzy goes down he will be holding the clipboard and watching.
Devante Parker WR2 with some upside. Finally we got to see Parker do what thought he could do. 
Preston Williams WR3 with upside. He’s good. He’s also way less expensive than Parker so if you can grab him late that’s a bargain. Stay healthy young man.
The rest of the WR group are not worth drafting unless one of the above goes down.
Mike Gesicki TE1 with risk. He may get the targets but can he do anything with them is the question.
Jordan Howard Flex/RB3 maybe. Howard will get the early down work and most of the goal line work but I’m just not a fan. If you can get him at a value then great, but don’t reach.
Matt Breida RB3 upside PPR sleeper. I think that Breida is one of those guys that could help you win your season. He’s averaged about 5 yards a carry over his career so he should be fed the ball early and often. He just has to stay healthy.

Minnesota Vikings

They are good Right?
Kirk Cousins QB1/QB2/Superflex. Cousins place in the QB field is going to be totally dependent on the offensive scheme that Coach Zimmer wants to press. If the Vikings go with the “Run First and Often” theme from last year then guess what Cousins will have similar results as last year. A middle tier QB. If they go back to a pass first scheme then he moves up to top 12 territory. Gun to head answer………run first so plan accordingly.
Adam Thielen WR2 minimal upside. Thielen is now a 30 year old WR, his best days are behind him. That doesn’t mean he can’t produce. It just means be careful if you draft him as your WR1. Have a contingency plan in place. I’m leaving him for others at this time.
Justin Jefferson (R) Flex/WR3 with upside. Jefferson is the guy to replace Diggs. Will it work? Only time will tell. The Vikings will probably stick to the run first mentality so they don’t have to rely on a 30 year old and a rookie to move the ball. He should be drafted in all leagues but temper expectations for this year. Dynasty owners, he’s a good guy to get.
Olabisi Johnson speed dial.
Irv Smith Jr, Kyle Rudolph TE2 streaming. There is not enough consistent targets for either of these guys to be weekly contributors in fantasy.
Dalvin Cook RB1 some risk. STUD Has some injury issues so if you go after him you may want to reach a little early later on to get Mattison as his handcuff. Or, make sure to go RB2 with your next pick just in case.
Alexander Mattison Handcuff/Flex PPR. Unless something happens to Cook there won’t be much action for Mattison from week to week.

New England Patriots

GOAT be gone
Cam Newton QB2????? Newton has been a mere shell of his former MVP self. He seems distracted or disinterested when he’s on the field and that is bothersome. Maybe being on the Patriots with Mother Belichick riding his butt will light a fire. Until, he’s passed the eyeball test again though he’s nothing more than a middle tier QB to be drafted late as your QB2 or superflex option.
Julian Edelman WR3/4. With his boyfriend gone there is no telling how many targets will come his way. Also, he’s 34 and usually misses a game or two or three each season. So, get him late if you can as your WR3/flex but don’t over reach for him.
N’Keal Harry WR3 upside. The Patriots let long time WR M. Sanu go so they must think that Harry can fill those shoes. We’ll see. He’s big and can win contested catches. That’s what Newton likes in a WR see Kelvin Benjamin and Devin Funchess. I hope the kid makes it happen.
Gunner, Olszewski, Jakobi Meyers, Damiere Byrd Flex/speed dial
TE for the Patriots should only be looked at for streaming or OMG I forgot to get a TE situations.
James White RB3 some upside PPR. The new QB situation may take some of the value away from White. He is still the main RB but his usage may change now. Will have to see how this one plays out.
Sony Micheal, Damien Harris, Rex Burkhead some flex appeal and handcuff potential at this time.

New Orleans Saints

Make a stand.
Drew Brees QB1. Brees has two seasons left at best so he should be playing balls out. Expect him to do what he’s done over his career and end up sniffing around the top 10-12 range for QB’s this year.
Jameis Winston speed dial. He won’t be near as accurate as Brees but he’ll throw a ton if he gets called into action.
Michael Thomas WR1 with a Gold Star. STUD nuff said
Emmanuel Sanders, Tre’Quan Smith WR3/Flex. Both guys are worth late round roster spots in all leagues.
Jared Cook TE1 but be very careful he is TD dependant. 
Adam Trautman Dynasty only
Alvin Kamara RB1. STUD and hopefully in full health and not being a lil bi#$% about his contract. Just in case make sure to snag Murray late to cover your asset.
Latavius Murray handcuff. Minimal use as long as Kamara is healthy.
Ty Montgomery speed dial.

New York Giants

Might this be the year?
Daniel Jones QB1. Jones is 2nd on my list of QB’s that I am going to watch grow this year. K. Murray is the 1st one. Jones worked on his conditioning in the off season and has done everything he can to address his ball handling. He can throw all the passes and can run if need be. He has talent galore around him so let’s get it done kid. If you wait until super late to get your QB1 he could work for you.
Darius Slayton, Sterling Shepard, Golden Tate. There is a team WR1 and two WR2’s in that group. I’m not sure how it will shake out. My money is on Shepard being the main guy with Slayton and Tate following close behind. As long as they all stay healthy Jones will have a very capable crew to throw to. On the fantasy front they are all around the middle 10th to 13th round so very good value if you don’t have to reach.
Evan Engram TE1. Get him if you can. He is consistent and affordable.
Saquon Barkley RB1. STUD this could be your RB1 of fantasy football this year. 
Dion Lewis, Wayne Gallman are back ups only. They are not handcuffs. If Barkley goes down neither of them will be able to replace what he brings to the table.

New York Jets

Average Joe meet the J.E.T.S.
PS Adam Gase SUCKS
Sam Darnold Superflex/QB2. He’s an NFL QB, his head couch is a dork, he has new WR’s, injured WR’s and the offensive line is not the best in the world. Other than that everything is peaches and rainbows. Could he overcome the odd and be a super sleeper this year………..meh. It would take a lot.
Jamison Crowder, Breshad Perriman, Denzel Mims, Chris Hogan, Donte Moncrief are all WR’s and unlike the NYG team these guys are either battling injury or just not as good. They will figure it out along the way but for fantasy I’d recommend not looking here for answers.
Chris Herndon IV TE2 some upside. Remember his coach sucks at using talent. If he can stay healthy and can get utilized correctly he will defiantly have streaming value.
Ryan Griffin speed dial
Le’Veon Bell RB2. I’m looking at Bell as my RB3 during drafts if possible and hoping for RB2 production. I think it can happen. It won’t be pretty but all that matters is the fantasy points show up week to week.
Frank Gore this is more for respect than fantasy value. Gore is 104 years old in NFL age and still making his presence known. Hopefully, he will be able to show Bell what it’s like to be a real RB like he did with Drake.

Philadelphia Eagles

Carson Wentz QB1 RISK. I don’t doubt Wentz’s ability. I do doubt his durability and his supporting casts ability to stay on the field. Wentz should make the top 10 list if everyone stays on the field he may make it to top 5. Draft him if you feel good about the situation. Just have a back up plan in place.
DeSean Jackson WR2. Jackson is currently an 11th round ADP guy. That is great value for the WR1 on any team. So, if you can get him there as your WR4/5 then yeeeeehaaa. Just know that he will get hurt at some point and will miss games. Yeah it’s a foregone conclusion. 
Jalen Reagor (R) Injured but option once available. Either get him and stick him on IR if possible or keep an eye on his situation and hope to get him off WW when the time nears. 
Alshon Jeffery also injured and may not be available until week 7.
J.J. Arcega-Whiteside, John Hightower WR3/4/Flex. They’re not hurt that’s got to account for something.
Greg Ward WR3/Flex. He may be the guy to start the season with. Word has it that Wentz and Ward are clicking together at practice so maybe. Also, he’s more than likely on the WW.
Zach Ertz TE1. He and Wentz have that “thing” so go get him and hope he stay upright all season.
Dallas Goedert handcuff/Flex PPR. Goedert may get enough targets each week to use as a streamer on his own. Will fit right in should something happen to Ertz.
Miles Sanders RB2 upside. Just know that as of 9/6/20 Sanders has a tweaked hammy. Sanders will be sharing time with Boston Scott but that should not hamper his ability to end the season as a top 10 RB. 
Boston Scott handcuff/Flex PPR. Scott is currently going in the 10th round and is well worth that price in PPR leagues. Should anything happen to Sanders he will be the man.

Pittsburgh Steelers

All depends on Big Ben
Ben Roethlisberger QB2/Superflex RISK. Is Big Ben, Big Ben? The answer to that question not only make or break the real NFL season of the Steelers but also, have huge bearing toward the value of the skill players around him. This is a team that we really needed to see in the off season to make sure he passed the eye test. He should not be drafted as anything more than a bye week filler or streamed at this point. If healthy he and the team can be fantasy producers week in and week out.
JuJu Smith-Schuster WR1. His awesomeness will be directly related to Big Bens’ ability. Draft him and hope for the best.
Diontae Johnson, James Washington WR2/3. Both of these guys are usually available in the later rounds of most drafts and should be targeted by owners. If, Roethlisberger is firing on most cylinders then both these guys will be steals.
Chase Claypool (R) speed dial and may see the field on 4 WR sets already. He’ll have a roll and could fill in for any of the other three if need be. Late round stash for sure.
Eric Ebron streaming TE. Too much uncertainty to commit to picking Ebron for anything other than streaming at this time.
James Conner RB2 RISK. Can he stay on the field? If he does then he will be used and can be penciled in every week as a contributor to your fantasy team. If he gets tweaked then all bets are off and the RBBC begins.
Benny Snell Jr. handcuff.
Anthony McFarland Jr (R) concussion protocol is not a good way to start out.

Seattle Seahawks

Maybe this year.
Russell Wilson QB1. STUD top 5 mark it down.
Tyler Lockett WR2 upside. Lockett is really good and gets a lot of targets well worth his 5th round ADP.
D. K. Metcalf WR2 upside. Same as Lockett and just a beast.
Phillip Dorsett Flex. Dorsett will be the WR3 for the Seahawks and will see enough playing time to warrant drafting late for a flex spot in PPR leagues.
Will Dissly TE2. If he’s healthy he has potential to be a spotty contributor and a good streaming option.
Greg Olsen backup. Stream only until Dissly is available.
Chris Carson RB2. This one is dicey. Carson is coming off of hip surgery and that is not cool for a RB. Especially, one that runs as hard as he does I may leave him for someone else to draft. 
Carlos Hyde RB2. Hyde is available really late in most drafts right now and I’d be happier getting him as a late round flyer RB5 than going after Carson.
DeeJay Dallas (R) speed dial. Keep an eye on his usage in the first few games. He may be a sneaky pick up in a couple of weeks.

San Francisco 49ers

Jimmy Garoppolo QB2/Superflex. Jimmy G is a safe QB. He is not a fantasy gem. If you draft him it is because you needed a back up or you are in a Superflex league. I hope.
Deebo Samuel WR2 RISK. Samuel is coming of a fractured foot in June. He may be able to play week 1 but it’s still not 100%. If you draft him just know that he will be of help after week 1 so plan accordingly. Also, a foot fracture could really hamper his cutting and acceleration. 
Brandon Aiyuk (R) injury. Dang this kid had a chance to start the season as the man. But, a hamstring injury has him sidelined. He’s still worth the draft spot because when he heals up he’s going to play.
Dante Pettis WR3 upside. Pettis has good hands and speed. His issue is he’s doesn’t really like contact. So, if he can pull his knickers up and take a shot he’ll see the field a ton early on and that could lead to a full season of work. 
Kendrick Bourne flex. The Bourne red zone machine. Worth a grab late in most formats but only as a flex with the hopes that he gets that TD.
George Kittle TE1. STUD 
Jordan Reed just needs to retire I hope his people talk him into it. He’s one shot away from permanent damage imo.
Raheem Mostert RB2 upside PPR. Right now Mostert has an ADP of late 4th I don’t know if I want that value. Now if he would be my RB3 then ok because my next few picks will be WR’s. I’m kind of torn on how to place him. He has a great situation and the capability required to do the job. I just think there will be more of a time share this season. Prove me wrong.
Tevin Coleman handcuff/Flex. Running team will hand off or throw to any RB in the stadium at some point every game.
Jerkck McKinnon Flex. He’s not Matt Breida but he will get targets.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Damn You
OK this is the issue. I can’t stand Tom Brady (this is a write by RabidBucFan, not Smitty — Smitty loves Brady ha). There I said it. I’ve rooted against this guy since he’s been in the league and know I’ve got to welcome him with open arms to the team. KAAAAAAAAAARAP. Well at least that’s the only thing that changed. Wait for it. Wait for it. What the hell. He brought his boy toy Gronk with him. For the love a God make it stop.
OK, I’ve had time to process the influx of Patriot cast offs. So, we’ll suck it up and make the best of it. What is that over in the corner? It’s Leonard Fournette why is he here. Who told this head case he could come and play with us. Really, Really, Really.
Is it too late to change my name to RabidDolphinsFan or RabidJagsFan smh.
Tom Brady QB1. Brady will have the best WR corps he’s ever had and the WR’s will have the oldest Brady available. Yes, he’ll do fine and get the ball where it needs to go. He isn’t going to go as deep as often as before but the talent is there for him to just get them the ball then sit down and don’t look at the screen until it’s time for you to go back out there. Draft him as your QB1 in the middle round and you should be fine.
Chris Godwin WR1. STUD He will be Bradys favorite and he will become the Edelman of the Bucs.
Mike Evans WR1/2. STUD not a typo there are two studs on this team. He’ll get his.
Rob Gronkowski TE1/2 RISK. Will Gronk be ready to play? Maybe. Will he be the Gronk Smash from past? Not sure. His last year or two wasn’t real great he was hurt a lot. I’m all for a class reunion but he better be able to produce or he can sit and watch Brady throw to OJ Howard and Cameron Brate.
O.J. Howard, Cameron Brate TE1/2 between them. Lets see how this shakes out.
Leonard Fournette RB2 Risk. Ugh Fournette is a head case and you never know what you’ll get when he’s on the field. If you already drafted him then here’s to you all that he able to put all his poop in one sock. 
Ronald Jones II handcuff/RB2/3. Jones was in line to get the keys to the castle and then splat a big ole pile of Fournette landed right in the way. If you drafted him keep him just in case the big guy forgets where the field is on games day or ends up in Jacksonville looking for his locker.
LeSean McCoy Flex. If McCoy is going to see any action it would be as the 3rd down passing back and that guy has some value in a Brady offense. 
Ke’Shawn Vaughn (R) only draft in dynasty at this point.

Tennessee Titans

Where did that come from.

Ryan Tannehill QB2 upside. The Tannehill of last year was impressive and that got him to within the top 25. If he can do that again that’s where he’ll be fantasy wise. If you can get him as your QB2, bye week filler or Superflex by all means he’s great value for that role.
A.J. Brown WR2/1 with upside. This guy can flat out play WR. All he needs is targets and there is STUD material here. Get him if you can.
Corey Davis WR3/flex. Maybe a bounce back candidate that can be found on many waiver wires near you.
Adam Humphries flex PPR only.
Jonnu Smith TE2/streamer. He just doesn’t see enough targets to justify anything more at this time.
Derrick Henry RB1. Well Mr. Henry proved me wrong last year. If you can get him in the 2nd round that would be great value. He will be fed the ball again this year and let’s see where that puts us. 
Darrynton Evans (R) TBD flex/RB3 PPR. Evans could be the lightning to Henry’s thunder. We really need some eye ball check to make a decision.

Washington Football Team

Dwayne Haskins Streaming only for starters. Haskins was thrown into the fire and pretty much got burned up. Let’s see if he will build of the adversity of last year.
Terry McLaurin WR2 with upside. Stud in the making. He may be QB proof. If Haskins gets a little better that means that McLaurin may see more targets and that would be fantastic for fantasy football teams. He can be drafted at a WR3 price so get him there if you can. I reached for him a couple of times but I’m cool with that.
Steve Sims WR3/Flex upside. Sims can also be a value grab if Haskins gets a little better. He’s got good hands and runs well. He may be on your waiver wire or available at the end of the draft.
Antonio Gandy Golden (R) speed dial and dynasty get. At 6ft 4inches and 220 pounds Gandy-Golden may be the WR3/TE for Washington. How that plays out for fantasy is unknown but it’s worth keeping an eye on.
TE for Washington is nothing you want anything to do with. Run away don’t look here.
Antonio Gibson (R) RB? Until two days ago Gibson was going to be the handcuff/back up guy. Well that changed. Welcome to the big leagues kid. Here’s your jock strap, enjoy. If you drafted him late you may have gotten a steal. If your draft is upcoming, don’t reach but remember he may the the RB1 for Washington.
Peyton Barber RB3. Barber is a hard running solid football player. He will not give you exciting plays but he will give you all he’s got and go forward while doing it. RBBC is how this may work out. Get Barber late and see if he can teach the new kid and thing or two.
Bryce Love, J.D. McKissic speed dial. Love has to prove he can play in the big time and McKissic is a scat back. Find a spot for them, but not enough targets to draft them at this time.


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