Stock Market: Allen Robinson/TY Hilton

smitty fantasy football advice We are again excited to announce the launching of our new Fantasy Football Stock Market. This is where you will find the players both on the rise and on the decline; however, just because a player is on the rise, that doesn’t always mean we agree, or we might suggest fantasy owners to sell-high. On the flip side, sometimes we love that a player’s value is on the decline, it can often make for a great time to buy-low. Waiver wire grabs, trade advice, or early draft help, this feature has you covered!


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Allen Robinson :: AROB

(7/14/16) I really like… Read Now


TY Hilton :: HILT

(7/14/16) If you want an underrated Read Now


Devonta Freeman :: DFREE

(7/12/16) I’ve beat this topic like a dead horse, but Read Now


Tevin Coleman :: COLE

(7/12/16) This blurb is merely going to address that if you plan to Read Now


Aaron Rodgers :: AROD

(7/1/16) While Aaron Rodgers isn’t steadily-dropping as we speak, his overall Read Now


Eddie Lacy :: LACY

(7/1/16) Eddie Lacy’s value, in both dynasty and redraft, has been Read Now


Andrew Luck :: LUCK

(7/1/16) Want to win a league in 2016 redraft leagues, or Read Now


Odell Beckham :: ODB

(7/1/16) Odell Beckham Jr. has a top 1-4 overall ADP right now, in all formats. Is he worth the risk? While Read Now


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