If you have Joe Mixon and Nick Chubb, don’t over think it tonight on Thursday Night. I am worried about both, and if you own either and they do go off tonight, think strongly about selling high, as both offenses are very inconsistent looking and this could lead to some major ups and downs all year long. Tonight’s Thursday Night football game between the Bengals and Browns could very well be low scoring and help eliminate any trade value.. that’s the risk taken by not trading these guys now. Not everyone is willing to trade for them, though… so, you are starting Mixon and Chubb. You have to… the match-up, though, might just allow both rushing attacks to perform. If Hunt does badly, however, buying low on him makes some sense heading into Week 3. If you want Projections for tonight, here is my stab at it: Mixon could have 85 total yards and I’d guess a 60% chance of a TD… Chubb could see 75 total yards and 50% chance of a TD… Hunt could see 60-80 total yards and 50% chance at the score.

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