SleeperU Launches Breaking Newswire!

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Hey all. We are excited to announce arguably our biggest feature addition in years… Fantasy Football Breaking News. No, this isn’t just other site news feeds that we link to. We/I essentially report on the top NFL news stories each day and attached my fantasy take to each one.

We won’t always be first to the story, but it’s our fantasy take that makes the difference, a difference that we believe will have you coming back to the newswire on a daily basis. If not multiple times per day.

For those that don’t know, I launched and powered a newswire back in my Fantasy Football Xtreme days, and I’ve been itching and excited to bring this feature back. It’s a time consuming beast-of-a-feature, so it’s in beta form, and to keep it for the long-term, I need to ask all of you awesome SleeperU folks to spread the word. Get the newswire out! Enjoy, and comment below… let us know if you love it!

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What’s it look like?

newswire fantasy football

View Newswire Now!

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