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2016 fantasy football mock drafts simulation

I am excited to announce that our Mock Draft Simulator now offers several new features:

  1. Linear or Snake settings
  2. 3RR or 3RS styles
  3. Enter Keepers (write players in for all teams, then draft!)
  4. Rookie-Only Mock Drafting
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More on These Additions

Keeper Entering: Fantasy football is ever-changing, and each and every fantasy football season, new league styles grow, as do draft styles. Dynasty and Keeper leagues are HUGE now, and most every hardcore fantasy owner out there plays in at least one type of keeper or dynasty league. So, we added the ability to Enter Keepers into our ‘dynasty’ Draft Simulator. Not only can you enter your keepers (and enter them in the exact draft slots you want), you can now enter keepers for all of your league mates so that you can properly mock draft through a realistic scenario that accounts for all of the player write-ins (the keepers). If every team keeps 2 players, and let’s say there are 12 teams, well, 24 players need to be written into draft slots so that no one can draft those 24 players… also, each team in the mock draft needs to loses that corresponding draft selection, or the player needs to be inserted into their ‘kept’ draft slot prior to the mock draft beginning. Our Simulator can do this. It’s amazing, it really is.

3RR and 3RS Draft Settings: These are essentially draft styles that the big boys are starting to use. Serious players in the fantasy football space are attempting to make both of these draft styles popular, and in a nutshell, it is an attempt to give some balance to those fantasy owners handed a late first-round pick. Meaning, if you are given the last pick in a 12-team league, you are typically handed the following picks… 1.12, 2.01 (back-to-back selections), then you are forced to wait to pick until the last pick of the third-round. Owners that draw the 1.01 or 1.02 out of the hat usually have a pretty big advantage on draft day, as a 1.01 owner would have to wait until the last pick in the second-round (2.12), but their third selection is that very next pick (3.01). The 3RS and 3RR draft styles basically deal with that third-round (and 4th in some cases) not flipping, so the ‘snake’ piece begins in either the 4th- or 5th-round, depending on what style you choose. It really does give some balance back to those handed a lesser first-round pick, which again would snake (in typical drafts) all the way through the draft. Being able to mock draft with either the 3RS or 3RR style is HUGE in the mock drafting industry. We are very excited about these additions!

Linear/Snake Draft Settings: Everyone knows what ‘snake’ style is, or ‘S’draft order. It’s where each round flips from the previous, so if you have the 1.01 pick (first selection overall), you have the last pick in the second-round, then you again have the first pick in the third-round, then the last selection in the fourth-round, and so on. Well, we added the Linear option this year, so if you want no flipping whatsoever (like the real NFL Draft, for example), now you can draft with that setting. This is often how rookie-only drafts are set-up in dynasty fantasy football leagues. And, that brings us to rookies…

Rookie-Only Mock Drafting: We are very excited to announce that you can mock draft through rookie-only mocks, with linear or snake settings.

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  1. Jim Baeumel on April 6, 2016 at 9:32 am

    Smitty! You are the man. The linear option really makes this thing perfect.

    • Smitty on April 7, 2016 at 5:22 am

      Awesome to hear, Jim! Thanks for letting me know!

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