2019 Printable NFL Playoff Bracket

Print your 2019 NFL Playoff Bracket Now!

Looking for a 2019 Printable NFL Playoff Bracket (for office pools and contests)? Well, we got you covered, and this printable bracket even includes the Round 1 Bye Weeks and the Wild Card Games! It’s your 2019 NFL Playoff Picture and bracket all in one. Print this bracket out and play the 2019 NFL Playoff Pick ‘Em Challenge.

These are blank forms, just be certain to read the instructions that tell you how to pick the Wild Card games, as the top two seeds from each division (so the Chiefs and the Saints will face the worst-ranked remaining teams on their side of the bracket after all the Wild Card games are done.

Smitty’s Predictions

Here are my picks pre-Wild Card weekend. I have the Rams facing the Chiefs, with the Chiefs winning it all. Good luck with all your brackets!

View Smitty's Bracket

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