2016 Mock Draft: Rds 3 & 4

smitty fantasy football advice Below you will find rounds 3 and 4 of the Day After the NFL Super Bowl Mock Draft. For Rounds 1-2, click here.

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2016 Fantasy Football Mock Draft

Date: 2/11/2016

Round Three

3.01 – Josh Gordon (WR)
3.02 – Alshon Jeffery (WR)
3.03 – Jarvis Landry (WR)
3.04 – Sammy Watkins (WR)
3.05 – Tom Brady (QB)
3.06 – Lamar Miller (RB)
3.07 – Drew Brees (QB)
3.08 – Jeremy Hill (RB)
3.09 – Jordy Nelson (WR)
3.10 – Ezekiel Elliott (RB)
3.11 – Julian Edelman (WR)
3.12 – Jordan Matthews (WR)

Round Three

4.01 – Eddie Lacy (RB)
4.02 – Carlos Hyde (RB)
4.03 – Blake Bortles (QB)
4.04 – Russell Wilson (QB)
4.05 – Cam Newton (QB)
4.06 – Keenan Allen (WR)
4.07 – Brandon Marshall (WR)
4.08 – Brandin Cooks (WR)
4.09 – Randall Cobb (WR)
4.10 – Jeremy Langford (RB)
4.11 – Martavis Bryant (WR)
4.12 – Mark Ingram (RB)

Missed The Cut

Tj Yeldon (RB), Doug Baldwin (WR), Ben Roethlisberger (QB), Kirk Cousins (QB), Emmanual Sanders (WR), Derrick Henry (RB), Arian Foster (RB), Greg Olsen (TE), Jordan Reed (TE), Carson Palmer (QB), Allen Hurns (WR), Gary Barnidge (TE), Chris Ivory (RB), Derek Carr (QB), Travis Kelce (TE), Tyler Eifert (TE), Stefon Diggs (WR), Ty Hilton (WR), Latavius Murray (RB), Michael Floyd (WR), Delanie Walker (TE), Zach Ertz (TE), Laquon Treadwell (WR), Tony Romo (QB), Darren Mcfadden (RB), Giovani Bernard (RB), Cj Anderson (RB), Calvin Johnson (WR), Jonathan Stewart (RB)

Smitty’s Take: These two rounds (3 and 4) would look 10x different each time we mock draft. One day could go by and you’d see one player in round three in one mock and not even in round four in the next. It’s that close with some of these guys. For example, Mark Ingram is worthy of the 3.01 or the 4.12… it’s tough to speculate this early how New Orleans plans to use him in 2016, and he has equal parts upside and unknown at this point. The same can be said for a player like Jeremy Langford, who has high round 3 ability, but risk of being nothing come August (especially if Chicago drafts a big-name rusher in April). Guys like Latavius Murray and CJ Anderson aren’t even ranked inside the first four rounds, but I could easily rank them both in the top 35 overall should news favor their position in the coming months. Same goes for Arian Foster, TY Hilton, rookies Derrick Henry and Devontae Booker… all these players have upside to be either third- or fourth-round picks in 2016 redraft mocks, but they also have risk of not cracking the first four rounds.

I love Josh Gordon heading into all 2016 redraft mock drafts, as he is a third- or fourth-round pick thus far. He has some risk, but as we talk about all over the site right now, the upside far outweighs the risk when it comes to Gordon, as he has top 2-5WR upside despite all kinds of risk/worry. Ezekiel Elliott might be ranked kind of high to some, as he is slotted in the third-round, but I think his value could climb as high as top 25 overall (in redraft, much higher in dynasty) if his landing spot is solid. Watch for that climb in value! Lamar Miller could see top 20 overall value heading into all 2016 redraft mock drafts once we know where he lands. Alshon Jeffery, Jarvis Landry and Sammy Watkins all have top 25 overall upside, but their risks have them all looking like safer round three players, and as round three picks, the risk is much lower with these names, so the upside is solid. Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Cam Newton, Blake Bortles and Russell Wilson are all looking at third-to-fourth round value thus far in the off-season, and just because there are about 10 solid QB choices this year, players that can be top 4-5 even at that 8th-to-10th slot, that doesn’t make passing on a QB until much, much later as the solid choice. Where to draft one of the top 10QBs this year is a fun debate, as one can argue taking an Aaron Rodgers at the top of the third-round isn’t worth the pick given you can get a Blake Bortles in the fourth- or fifth-round, and others can argue that Rodgers and a 4th-round runner is better than a third-round runner and Blake Bortles. Where do I fall on the topic? I think you will find me waiting on a QB until at least the third-round in any 2016 fantasy football draft; however, if an Andrew Luck or Aaron Rodgers fall to me in the middle of the third-round, I’m going to have a tough time passing on those names. Call it personal preference, but I see having a 40TD-capable passer as a third-drafted player as a HUGE advantage.

Calvin Johnson may or may not retire. As of now, he sounds like he is more leaning toward retiring, but for now, he has top 50 overall value. Now now.

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