Dynasty Gem QBs?

  1. Patrick Mahomes | QB Chiefs
  2. Nate Peterman | QB Bills

Is Patrick Mahomes an eventual fantasy football stud?

Note: This will be the first-added Bold Prediction for 2018! Get some!

Patrick Mahomes is a player that was on the rise during the off-season, so much so many news wires were calling for a short leash on Alex Smith, who has since played amazing football. Now, there is no QB controversy right now. Unless Smith gets hurt this year, you probably won’t hear anyone talk about Mahomes or his future in Kansas City, not this year anyway… Let’s me honest, Smith is likely going to finish the year playing at great QB1 level… he’s having that kind of year and is on an obvious wave that won’t likely let up all season. This could spill into 2018, so that’s the dilemma, as it means that Mahomes may not head into 2018 as the starter… but that’s ok, I think his talent rises to the top in time. So why am I high on Mahomes at all from a dynasty perspective?

Well, first off, Smith has been in the league for 11 years now, so he’s no spring chicken. On top of that, the thing that should be most shocking about that previous statement, Smith has never been amazing (at least anywhere near the level that he has been playing at so far in 2017) and he has had 11 seasons to do it (and hasn’t). To me, this suggests that he isn’t likely to have a handful more of these kinds of seasons, if even ever again, especially given he will be 34 by the start of next year. Look, Matt Ryan didn’t drop amazing QB1 numbers for eight-straight seasons as a pro, then in year nine (last year), he puts up 4,944 passing yards and 38TDs. He was highly-ranked heading into this season (2017) due to that big year, and what does he do? He reverts back to not just mediocre, he’s been borderline bad up until the last few weeks, and even then he’s merely been solid, not anything close to his 2016 form. The point is, don’t count on Smith (who, like Ryan, has never blown up before after almost a decade of play) to be a stud for multiple years in a row.

So again, what do I like about Patrick Mahomes? Everything. He scrambles, he is accurate, he looks down field like a veteran, which is always a good recipe for big fantasy scoring, and the guy makes plays. We may only have preseason games to go off of, sure, I get that players can look great in the preseason and struggle once plugged into real game situations, but when I watch this kid, I see elite skills and decision-making.

Want something bold? If Mahomes was used this year, I think fantasy worlds would be talking about him much like fantasy worlds are talking up both Deshaun Watson and Carson Wentz right now.

In the second week of the preseason, Mahomes commanded the QB position well, completed 10-of-14 passes for 88 yards and two touchdowns, adding three rushes for 29 yards. He showed accuracy in his debut, too, going 7-of-9 for 49 yards and a touchdown. In Week 4 of the preseason, he really showed his stuff… watch footage here… he scrambles, he shows his cannon of an arm, he throws amazingly-accurate on the run, the dude is legit and it’s all in this footage… and right here is the scrambling ability and cannon in action while he’s on the run.

Again, I realize these are preseason games, I get that… however, as I always say, you sometimes only need a small sample of work in order to see elite ability in a player, especially when it comes to quarterbacks. This kid has it and I really think he’s going to be a star. Watch the footage!

Buy-low now in dynasty, folks, while people are assuming his future won’t ever get kick-started.

Is Nate Peterman a must-grab?

Nate Peterman is the new Bills’ starting quarterback, as the team has benched Tyrod Taylor. He looked good in Week 10, playing at the end of the game and going 7-for-10 for 79 yards and a TD. While it’s rare that an unknown back-up quarterback is a gem that no one saw coming, he looked good enough in Week 10 to take a chance on in all dynasty formats. Grab him if available.

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    Who owns Mahomes?

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