NEWS: Watson to land where? 49ers not likely?

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NEWS: According to ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler, “it would take a big swing” at quarterback for the 49ers to move on from QB Jimmy Garoppolo.

FANTASY TAKE: Apparently the 49ers are ‘satisfied’ with Jimmy G, but they are either crazy or this is smoke. As I explain here to my good 49er expert Dr. Raj, the 49ers HAVE to make a big move or they will not get back to the Super Bowl.

DYNASTY TAKE: As for Watson, the dude has top 5QB upside for the now and future pretty much wherever he lands. His running protects him into that kind of value regardless of the situation, proven by his great production in 2020 with lesser WR support than usual. However, his landing spot will vault others up in fantasy value pretty quickly, so his landing spot is super important and impacting. If he did land in San Francisco, George Kittle, Deebo Samuel and Brandon Aiyuk would see huge bumps in value. Again, though, a SF landing spot for Watson is seeming more and more unlikely. The top spots being talked about right now are Denver, Miami and the 49ers, but what many don’t understand is that the Texans take a huge cap hit trading the passer, so a deal needs to be INSANE to account for the fair market value of Watson, which is probably three first-rounders… then the cap hit cost has to be paid for by the buying team, something many teams might refuse to account for. Thus, a deal is so much harder to get done that many believe. I’m not saying it won’t get done, but it’s just not super easy to fathom. Denver would be incredible for the value and maturity of Jerry Jeudy, and Miami has some big upside and nice future (and the draft picks to make this deal happen).

Stay tuned for more on this as the news comes rolling in. And, watch my recent show on this topic right here:

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