Smitty’s Take: The Rams have signed RB Todd Gurley to a four-year, $60 million extension through 2023. The deal reportedly includes $45 million guaranteed. This will surely help both LeVeon Bell and David Johnson next off-season. All three of Gurley, Bell and Johnson (and you can throw in Ezekiel Elliott) command 1.01 consideration in all formats and leagues. All are young rushers that have a grip of time left at that elite level of play. If FORCED to rank these extremely-close rushers for 2018 alone, I would likely change up my ranking based upon scoring and risk at my other positions. Meaning, I think Zeke has a darn good chance of dropping 1,800+ rushing and something above 15TDs (all while still pulling in solid PPR scoring). He also comes with some risk. He likely always will. Still, he is the player that I’ve lately been itching to draft in my biggest league. Gurley is likely the safest bet at the 1.01, whereas Bell and DJ are PPR monsters that could have big separation at season’s end in a PPR format. My answer to ‘who’s the 1.01’ question is this… I’d equally mix-up who I took if I had let’s say four separate leagues where I carried the 1.01 selection. It’s just that close, and there are just different risks and upsides with each. If you like a touch of risk with the most upside, draft Zeke, or trade down and then draft him.

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