Smitty’s Take: Folks, I can’t scream it enough. Deshaun Watson, in hindsight, will have first-round value in 2018. His ADP is in the 4th- to 5th-round range, so clearly draft him there or you ruin so much upside/ceiling value, but I see him as arguably the most valuable fantasy football player to own in all of 2018. Bold? Yeah, I know it is, and I get called all kinds of filthy names because of this stance. Watson looked amazing on his scoring drive in his Week 2 preseason game. He looked smooth, accurate, and despite some dropped passes by some of his receivers, he masterfully marched his team down and threw a touchdown. He is the kind of player that can have 4-5TD games. He’s a monster and I’m all in in 2018. As for TE Ryan Griffin, he had horrible numbers last year on just 7 games (13-158/1TD); however, last year shouldn’t be taken into consideration. He missed time last year and his quarterback got hurt. In Week 3 with Watson, he pulled in 5 passes for 61 yards and 1TD, then vanished for most all of the year up until Week 8, when he scored his last fantasy point for 2017. His best season was the season prior (2016), where he pulled in 50 balls for 442 yards and 2TDs, but I think those are not even close to the kind of numbers he can produce in a Deshaun Watson-commanded offense. For those that didn’t watch Watson and Griffin during their Week 2 Preseason contest, there awesome rapport and interaction between the two, as Griffin was a trusted red zone target, and Griffin nearly scored on the goal line. Watson scored, thought. We only had one drive to go off of, but it was clear on this scoring drive that Watson and Griffin have a strong connection heading into 2018. Given the fact that Griffin has no ADP, meaning he is typically underrated right now, he is all upside and no risk in 2018.

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