Smitty’s Take: According to a few reports, Cardinals TE Ricky Seals-Jones was arrested on Saturday, and was charged with assault, disorderly conduct, and criminal trespassing. It sounds like this was one of those situations that got way out of hand, and honestly, we could see this going away. That said, you never know with the NFL. Still, it appears Seals-Jones was arrested after he attempted to use a restroom inside the W Hotel in Scottsdale. He then attempted to use a restroom at the sushi restaurant located in the hotel and was again stopped because he was not a guest. An employee inside the hotel is stating that Seals-Jones “shoved” him with one hand in the shoulder. We expect this to remain minor, but a short suspension is always possible, which would be a shame, as it could stunt his growth a bit. Hopefully he can be on the field on Week 1, he has big upside in 2018.

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