Fantasy Take: Wow. Network’s Ian Rapoport posted this on Twitter: “From what I understand, the #Steelers’ final offer to RB Le’Veon Bell was 5 years, $70M with more than $30M over 2 years. Last year, the offer was 5 years, $60M. … Instead, he’ll earn $14.5M on another franchise tag.” That’s a boatload of money that Bell just turned down, and to be honest, he’d have to have his best season yet (which he predicted that he would have on twitter earlier today) and he’d have to stay fully healthy to see that kind of offer come this time next year. He will be 27 this time next year, so it’s tough imagining him getting this kind of offer at 27. All this aside, his tweet earlier today, saying that 2018 would be his best season yet, suggests he is NOT holding out in 2018. He has a good 3-4 elite years left in fantasy, and he is locked into our top 1-4 overall in all formats. James Conner and Jaylen Samuels are must-have players for all Bell owners in 2018, and we see owning just the two back-ups as another crafty secret-weapon-type strategy in 2018. If forced to start, Conner (or Samuels) would thrive by default.

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