NEWS: LeVeon Bell to return?

Smitty’s Take: Is Bell returning or not? We know that’s the most asked question as of late, across news wires, forums, at water coolers… well, he was apparently seen playing basketball at a local gym, and other reports speak to his presence at a gym the night before. He sounds like a man preparing, folks, so don’t buy into the recent reports that suggest his recent “put down the sticks” comment on Twitter was about him hanging it up. It’s “time to put down the sticks” is a phase many say when it’s time to quit and hand over the PlayStation controller (the sticks). Some reports immediately jumped to conclusions that this meant that Bell was quitting football, but the usage and timing of the comment was clearly about the Panthers losing to the Steelers. Rapsheet reports the Steelers have no clue if Bell is actually going to report to the team facility by Tuesday’s deadline. We expect Bell back soon, so now is not the time to give up and sell low. FYI: James Conner (head) left the game after a solid outing given the playing time.

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