Smitty’s Take: This is being reported moments ago on Rotoworld… While nothing is actually in motion yet, we tried to warn fantasy worlds that this situation wasn’t being reported on properly across most fantasy football circles. As we mentioned prior to Week 3, the thinking that LeVeon Bell was almost certain not to return until Week 11 was faulty thinking. Sure, each week that passes makes it harder to imagine, but the truth is no one knows what is truly going on behind the scenes, how much the team is communicating with Bell, and how much of an itch Bell may or may not have to get back on the field. Then, there is the chance of trade, which now enters into the equation. Stay tuned, as we will surely report on this the moment new information becomes available. A trade would be awesome for James Conner owners and maybe even Bell owners, as it opens the door for Conner to become an elite fantasy football option for more than just this year. A lot still needs to unfold on this one, a trade like this is a complex one, as the acquiring team will surely want a long-term deal in the works.

Note: Do not sleep on Jaylen Samuels in this situation, especially if a trade does go down. I love James Conner, but keep in mind that my #2 Bold Prediction for all of 2018 is BOTH James Conner and Jaylen Samuels.

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