News: LeSean McCoy update; Chris Ivory, DeMarco Murray?

Smitty’s Take: If you haven’t heard, LeSean McCoy is not only being accused of domestic violence, against a woman said to be an ex-girlfriend of McCoy, he also might find himself in the middle of a home invasion investigation. The victim’s attorney released a statement on Tuesday stating that the victim had a past relationship with McCoy, and the runner was trying to evict the victim from a residence of his. The statement also claims that upon returning from London, the victim and the victim’s cousin were allegedly attacked by an assailant who demanded ‘specific items of jewelry” that LeSean McCoy wanted back. NFL Network reported that McCoy was training in Miami at/around 7am the same morning of the attack (less than four hours after the alleged invasion). What does all this mean? Honestly, none of it can be good. None of it. First off, we hope these allegations are false, because that means no one was actually hurt. However, from a fantasy perspective, as that is what we do, I don’t see how any of this can end well for McCoy, even if an association of his is to blame. The NFL does not take matters like this lightly, and there is a good chance that McCoy gets a career-crushing suspension even if let’s say his buddy took matters into his own hands on McCoy’s behalf. Guilt by association could take hold here. And, if McCoy had a bigger hand in these situations, and there is even a hint of provable evidence, he’s done. He would likely never play in the NFL again. The only way this thing clears up for the runner is if evidence comes out, soon, that clears him entirely of all of this. We don’t know what will happen, we can only speculate, but keep in mind nothing has confirmed McCoy’s guilt – yet. The questions surrounding this situation means that Chris Ivory could see a huge bump in value in the coming weeks/months, but it also could mean that someone like DeMarco Murray gets inked and returns to fantasy relevance. Stay ahead of the curve on this speculation (if the price is in the zero-risk arena). Stay tuned.

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