Smitty’s Take: All kinds of news reports are hitting newswires right now that involve allegations against Bills RB LeSean McCoy severely beating a woman, along with some allegations of child abuse and animal abuse. We have yet to confirm anything, and we must add that these are just news reports as of this moment (nothing is confirmed); McCoy has gone to Instagram to quickly deny the reports, calling them baseless. Photos being passed around newswires everywhere show a woman, that was said to be a one-time girlfriend of McCoy, with severe facial injuries. It is not known if the police are investigating these allegations, but both the Bills and NFL appear to be aware of the report(s) and are looking into it. Folks, we can’t stress enough that we are just passing along info being posted everywhere, but if true, you can certainly expect McCoy to never play another down in the NFL. Whether these allegations are true (any of them, part of them, none of them) is to be determined. We will let you know more when we know more.

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