Smitty’s Take: According to a few reports, Jaguars RB Leonard Fournette is reporting to camp at 223 pounds. While many feel this is a good thing, and it should be, it doesn’t erase the ‘bust’ feelings we get when looking/evaluating Fournette for 2018 (and especially beyond). He is awesome. Per start, he can get you 100 yards rushing and a strong, strong shot at a touchdown. That said, we fear that he just won’t hold up. With a long list of injury concerns, an aggressive rushing style, a bigger-type frame, and signs of slowing in 2017, there are just too many red flags to draft the guy as a top 10-13 overall pick, which seems to be his going ADP right now. That’s where players like Michael Thomas, Julio Jones and Odell Beckham are going. If you draft Fournette in 2018, just be sure to handcuff him to TJ Yeldon.

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