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NEWS: According to Paul Gutierrez on Twitter, Josh Jacobs was arrested for DUI after getting in an accident in Las Vegas. The runner was taken to a local hospital with minor injuries, but was then cleared and transported to the Clark County Detention Center and was booked for DUI.

josh jacobs dui

FANTASY TAKE: I’ve already gone on a rant regarding Jacobs be a HUGE avoid for me heading in to 2021. Reasons range both on and off the field. Before the DUI, I talked a lot about this in a recent video, that Jacobs was on IG a few weeks back and gave the bird to his followers on his IG stories, and it an even worse turn as his ridiculousness progressed:

josh jacobs tweets

After suggesting that he wasn’t going to play during that Sunday referenced above, Jacobs clearly played and wasn’t considering sitting out. He was picking a fight with fantasy football worlds and trying to screw with people’s fantasy weeks/outcomes.

jacobs-2If that wasn’t messed up enough, Jacobs went on to tell certain haters, fueled by his antics, to meet him at the stadium (referencing the stadium address).

I get that some will have an initial reaction like “fans provoke him” and “the fans deserved the trash talk” and “players have to deal with a lot of awful fans”… I get that, and no one is arguing that. If you think I don’t 100 percent agree with that, I do. My job is to assess a player’s upside, risk and projected fantasy value… and when a player looks as though they are holding Antonio Brown’s blueprints of self destruction, it’s my job to sound the alarm.

Let’s Talk Dynasty: After Jacobs posted all of those above tweets and IG posts, I called him out on IG and he blocked me on social media. Many have already suggested that my dropping him in the rankings here at SleeperU and my motivation for calling him a 2021 avoid is driven merely from the fact that he blocked me on social. Well, I can assure you I could care less about that and my recent pessimistic-driven analysis on Jacobs is purely based on his lack of focus and poor decision-making off the field… all mixed with the fact that he has never been a full-time runner until entering the NFL. In college, he never had more than 640 yards rushing, so despite rushing for over 1,000 yards in each of his first two seasons, he’s missed 4 games already in his two NFL seasons and has had lingering injuries throughout (shoulder, knee, ankle) and plays on a team that can often game script him out of action. Even if he was a model citizen off the field, Jacobs evolving into a full-time rusher after entering into the NFL still worries me longevity-wise. If that was the only red flag, I might overlook it and call it one concerned wrapped up in more upside than downside. However, knowing his current headspace, I’m out in all formats. If you disagree, I respect that; feel free to debate it below!

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