Smitty’s Take: The Patriots have acquired WR Josh Gordon from the Browns in exchange for a conditional fifth-round pick in the 2019 NFL draft. If Gordon is active for 10 games with the Patriots, the fifth-rounder goes to the Browns. If Gordon is active for less than 10 games, the Patriots will get back a 2019 seventh-rounder from Cleveland. Gordon had an MRI on his hamstring and all is good, according to numerous reports. It’s tough to know how involved Gordon will be in Week 3, but this is the best landing spot for the ultra-talented receiver. This will either be one of those situations we all look back on at season’s end and say “how did we not see that coming?” Or, the experiment doesn’t work. Time will tell, but those holding shares of Gordon have to be thrilled by this trade, and Tom Brady just got a monster boost in value. Rob Gronkowski will probably remain unaffected, as the extra target just makes him tougher to double. This probably hurts Chris Hogan most fantasy wise.

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