Smitty’s Take PackersNews mentioned Jimmy Graham in a post yesterday, speaking to how Graham turned down more money in order to get a chance to play with Aaron Rodgers. This might be surprising to some people, but Graham led the league last year in red zone targets, and he pulled in a huge 10TDs. He is only 31, folks, and while that’s no spring chicken for a TE, he could certainly have 1-2 elite years left. Not just good years, I mean it when I say elite. I know, most feel he is no longer that deep threat he once was back in New Orleans. Would it shock you if I disagreed? Is he as quick as he use to be? Of course not, however, Seattle used him differently than Green Bay will, and I think he gets close to 900 yards and 10TDs in 2018. Consider Graham in a situation that could revive him into huge numbers. There are just too many weapons in GB this upcoming season for defenses to game plan Graham.

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