NEWS: Hurts benching upsets PHI players?

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NEWS: According to reports, the benching of Jalen Hurts in Week 17 caused some huge waves in the Eagles’ locker room.

FANTASY TAKE: Look, I’ve explained this a ton over the last two weeks… Peterson needs to go. If the Eagles replace him, they are potentially next year’s Buffalo Bills. This Eagles’ team is loaded with talent, talent Peterson doesn’t believe in nor lean on properly. He has a runner in Miles Sanders, a player I said to avoid in 2020 due to Peterson, that he refuses to use. Peterson couldn’t even commit to Hurts as the team’s Week 17 starter entering Week 16, a sign he isn’t confident in the passer. That lack of confidence cascades down into everything, evidence by the huge waves the ‘benching’ created in Week 17. It’s all connected. A week or so ago, a report surfaced that suggested that Peterson would likely stay in Philly in 2021, a report that frustrated me greatly. However, that decision by the Eagles could be looked over again given how upset the Eagles locker room is/was over Hurts‘ benching in Week 17. Players were not happy at all about the benching, and one player said “no one” was happy about it. There is a great divide in the locker room between players and leadership, so let’s hope this new wave of public frustration causes a change in direction for the Eagles. They need to replace Peterson. If they do, the sky is the limit for this team. If not, I am massively less optimistic about their 2021, and that trickles down to the values of both Hurts and Sanders.

Let’s Talk Dynasty: Jalen Hurts has a bright future in the NFL, if/when the Eagles get rid of Peterson – that is key to his success (at least quick success). Same goes for Miles Sanders. Both could be top 6-10 players at their position from a fantasy perspective if under new coaching and leadership. If not, though, more risks are present than upside. On a side note… if Peterson is gone, as this kind of thing wouldn’t happen with his decision-making, imagine if the Eagles select one of DeVonta Smith or Ja’Marr Chase? Hurts‘ dynasty value would shoot through the roof.

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