NEWS: Diggs 3TDs puts him in the top 3-5WRs?

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NEWS: Stefon Diggs was electric on Monday night, pulling in 9 balls for 145 yards and 3TDs against the Patriots.

FANTASY TAKE: Calling him ‘electric’ is honestly an understatement. He was a force. And, what so many people forget as they criticize his fast climb up everyone’s 2021 WR Rankings Boards… this is his first year in Buffalo. This is his first year playing with an elite passer, so none of that “he has never been consistent” or “he has only done it one year and now everyone loves him” garbage can be applied here. In fact, it is extremely tough for most WRs their first year transitioning into a new offense, so for Diggs to explode for 120 receptions, 1459 yards and 8TDs in just his first year as a Bill… well, I’d say he is light years ahead of most transitioning WRs, and all this is a sign that he will only improve as he and Josh Allen (my #2 overall ranked QB in all formats) build an even stronger rapport. So where do I rank Diggs entering 2021 fantasy football? Let’s look..

2021 wr rankings fantasy football My Top 7 Rankings can be seen by way of this graphic, but view all of my 2021 Rankings here. It’s easy to vault him to 3 or 4 overall, and while I’m tempted, I think it’s important not to discredit this entire top 7 overall WR pool. I go back and forth on having Calvin Ridley at #5 or Diggs at #5. I have issues with how low DeAndre Hopkins ranks, yet I can’t do anything about it because of the amazing list of WRs ahead of him, like DK Metcalf (who is only going to get better, which is scary)… The bottom line is that the top 7WRs is stacked heading into 2021, and you could even argue things like “Where is AJ Brown?” or “Where is Keenan Allen?”… I get it, and those two deserve to be in the convo for that 6-8 positioning. I love Michael Thomas’ value heading into early 2021 mock draft (yes, something we already do frequently on my YouTube Show – join in!).

Let’s talk 2021 and Dynasty: Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs are probably the most fun duo to stack in fantasy football outside of Patrick Mahomes and Tyreek Hill. Allen is my #2 overall QB across all formats, and Diggs easily holds WR5-6 value in dynasty. Debate all this below!

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  1. Richard Thomas on December 30, 2020 at 8:02 pm

    Agree. I have Allen/Diggs in one dynasty, and Hill in another. Great list here.

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