Smitty’s Take: There hasn’t been much of an update on Dez Bryant so far this August, but we still see the guy signing somewhere at some point. It could be somewhere awesome like Green Bay, it could be somewhere head-scratching like a return to Dallas. Of course, he could remained unsigned heading into Week 1, and there could be more going on here than we see and hear (for the bad or good). Much is unknown, but Dez is only 29, so unless there is a hidden injury or concern that has yet to come to light, I see some upside here. I really do. I know there were some reports last year that talked about him losing a step, but at 29, there is no reason to think (unless there is a hidden injury) he cannot return to form for 1-2 more years. He needs a good situation, sure, that’s the risk here, but given that he is about as dirt cheap as they come, is there really any risk at all? Add him where cut, draft in later rounds where you can, and buy-low in existing leagues if the price is near zero risk. This plan may result in nothing, know that, but if all works out, you bought as low as they come for some pretty decent upside.

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