NEWS: Deshaun Watson wants a trade?

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NEWS: According to numerous reports, one from ProFootballTalk, Deshaun Watson is potentially thinking about requesting a trade. Watson is said to be upset over the team keeping him out of the loop with roster and hiring decisions.

FANTASY TAKE: It would be an extreme understatement to suggest that Watson has been left out of the loop, proof by the DeAndre Hopkins massacre-of-a-trade that Watson was left in shock about when that went down. This Texans team is a disaster, and the decision-making is some of the worst we’ve ever seen for a sports organization. I wouldn’t fault Watson at all for wanting out of Houston, but his contract makes it a tough move to pull off, as there is supposedly a $21 million cap charge for unloading the stud QB. Still, anything can happen if the price is right and a team like New England overpays.

Possible landing spots:

  • 49ers (cutting Jimmy G would save roughly 24 million)
  • Patriots
  • Jets
  • Panthers

Let’s Talk Dynasty: Whether Watson remains in Houston in 2021, or departs for an even better situation, he’s a top 5-7 fantasy football quarterback. No matter what. Well, as long as he is healthy. His running protects his value quite a bit. Imagine him with Brandon Aiyuk and George Kittle, DJ Moore and Christian McCaffrey? The Jets would look like an awful spot at first glance, but the reason NY cannot develop is because there is no elite passer… Watson would likely turn Denzel Mims into the player I’ve predicted he can become.
fanasy football quarterbacksIn dynasty, fantasy worlds should be valuing Deshaun Watson anywhere in the range of passers in this graphic. You wouldn’t be off base to rank him ahead of Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers, Lamar Jackson, or below all three. Neither stance is off-base. Where do you rank Watson? Drop that below in the comments!


  1. iceman on January 9, 2021 at 9:06 am

    It think you are on track with where you have him, Jackson would be the low man of the group do to limited passing and Rodgers would be third only do to age.

    I would add the Saints as another possible landing spot as well, and how about Dallas moving on from Dak and replacing him with Watson?

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