Smitty’s Take: A few reports today have talked about some Titans’ Insiders predicting that Derrick Henry will lead the team in carries in 2018. While it’s certainly possible, Dion Lewis is getting paid big bucks, so it’s hard to imagine TEN not using both backs almost equally, at least until one gives them a huge reason not to. I’ll be honest, I was excited for Henry just prior to the Lewis (signing during the off-season), but for now, I can’t justify drafting him at his current ADP, which lingers around the 2.11-3.02 range. The value in Henry will be if Lewis gets hurt, but even then, it comes down to what price you had to pay to acquire Henry… At something like 2.11, you HAVE to get elite production to get your value back, which screams risk. His size and aggressive style of play, even if he got starter carries, also does not set him up well for a long career. For a year or so, I would have liked him, but not at this current 2.11-3.02 ADP.

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