Smitty’s Take: TitansOnline’s Jim Wyatt wrote today that “the plan” is for Derrick Henry “to be the lead back” in Tennessee in 2018. He also wrote that the workload distribution will be determined based on performance. Honestly, none of this is anything new, and of course performance will determine workload. I think for every ‘pro Henry‘ report out there, there is a ‘pro Lewis‘ report floating around. The bottom line here is that both runners will be used to start the year, and I think that this will even be the case if one shines a bit more during preseason play. Lewis will get lots of 3rd-down work, with some decent 1st- and 2nd-down work, and produce flex-worthy stats out of the gate; Henry will get a grip, but not all, of the 1st- and 2nd-down work, and will likely earn most early goal line looks (for as long as he remains effective). This is a RBBC (running back by committee) in 2018. With ADPs at 3.01-3.04 (Henry) and 6.01-6.04 (Lewis), you have to ask yourself, will one of these backs be able to impress enough to steal away significant touches from the other? Or, will they both be effective, thus locking in Tennessee’s justification for implementing a RBBC approach?

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