News: DeMarco Murray to stay retired?

Smitty’s Take: A few reports, one from the Florida Football Insiders, believe that the Jaguars may have interest in newly-retired RB DeMarco Murray. And, numerous reports from yesterday, and today, have suggested that other teams had/have interest in the rusher. As we mentioned already in the last news update on the matter, we wouldn’t be shocked if Murray had an itch to play again. Many players do after their first retirement announcement. Murray was on the borderline of decline, too, so there is a chance, in the right situation, that Murray still had one very good fantasy season left in the tank. While we don’t know about the Jaguars’ true interest, injuries and possible suspensions (LeSean McCoy being one player that could face discipline in 2018) could once again have us talking about Murray in the coming weeks/month.

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