NEWS: David Johnson to be used more in the slot? Trade him if you own him?

Smitty’s Take: Look, if you own David Johnson, you are frustrated. There is no other way around that fact. However, you should not be selling low on a guy that just eight quarters ago cost you a top 4 overall pick in your fantasy draft. The Cardinals’ coach Steve Wilks promised on Monday that the team will use Johnson in more routes in the slot going forward, and this will surely help. Is there still risk that DJ has just a flat-out disappointing season in 2018? Sure, but again, selling low is not a good way out of this. Unless you can give up something not too mission critical in addition to DJ and still get an undervalued Kareem Hunt or Zeke Elliott, there aren’t a lot of lateral moves to make. I do love both of those ideas, though, if you are in need of an trade idea involving David Johnson.

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