Smitty’s Take: Via our Ask Smitty A Question feature, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked if one should sell off David Johnson as if he’s already a for sure lost cause in Arizona. Here is what I wrote recently in a Week 3 Random Thoughts article:

David Johnson has been awful, and the Cardinals have been even worse. DJ is typically a match-up proof runner, meaning if the team is getting crushed every week, they will feed him grips of receptions, and his stats will be his stats no matter if it’s via the air or ground. While this hasn’t been the case through two weeks, it’s just been 8 quarters of play. So many are ready to write his entire season off, but look what just happened to the Browns fantasy football players the moment Baker Mayfield jumped into the Browns’ starting lineup! Josh Rosen could enter the game at any point in Week 3, or start Week 4. I predict one of the two… then we shall see a different offense. Even if Rosen has ups and downs, he will shake things up, and we should see DJ get used differently. Don’t sell even close to low, and don’t hesitate to buy-low, especially in dynasty.

Note: All David Johnson owners should absolutely handcuff him to Chase Edmonds. He is a special talent capable of being a RB2 if ever called to start for an injured DJ.

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