News: Dante Pettis impressing in camp? Sleeper?

Smitty’s Take: According to reports on Sunday, 49ers second-round rookie WR Dante Pettis continues to impress early on in camp. The kid was drafted in the 40s, and the 49ers moved up to get him, so the coaching staff clearly has high hopes for the receiver. The beautiful part about this situation is that Jimmy Garoppolo is building a rapport with everyone, so Pettis isn’t at a disadvantage as a rookie. He is no lock to be a steal when all is said and done, but he has the quarterback and momentum to really make a splash, even as a rookie. And, the competition is decent, but no single receiver on that 49ers roster would stand in his way if he really has the talent… he could, if healthy and used right, become the team’s top wide receiver option in one calendar year. Sleeper Alert, folks! By the way, Jimmy Garoppolo is a top 5 fantasy QB in the making, so someone is going to rise up with him!

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